Thursday, November 11, 2010

Update and Explanation

First of all, no, I have not morphed into a cat. I started a blog written as if I were my kitten Milly. Check it out if you need a bit of silliness.

Sewing? Yes, I've gotten some done, but very little. After I completed the wedding quilt, my sewing room looked like a fabric bomb exploded in it. First order of business was to get the area looking respectable and workable. Accomplished! By then, it was time to pack and leave for our Memphis adventure.

First - watched "Little Shop of Horrors" at the high school. My nephew, Wesley, played the shop owner and did a fantastic job singing and dancing whilst being "eaten" by the infamous Audrey II.

Andrea and I flew to Memphis early last Friday morning. Exciting stuff for us gals who rarely leave Ohio. My cousin, PJ, married the girl of his dreams on Saturday. In between all the wedding festivities, we toured Beale Street, visited with family we haven't seen in years and ate too much (of course!) It felt WONDERFUL getting away from the home front pressures for three days. I was happy and at ease.

Michael wasn't far from my thoughts, however. I arranged for people to be with him and stocked the house with all his favorite foods. At first, he was cranky and took it out on Andrea before we left. (She's barely speaking to him still and I can't blame her for that.) He soaked in all the attention from his visitors and was as sweet at he could be be with them. Thus far this week, he's not been good. His oxygen needs have increased dramatically (up to nine liters on the ten liter machine that we obtained just a month or so ago). He stayed in bed for most of Tuesday - I served him dinner in bed. He fired his home health care aide last week, which irritated both me and his nurse. It was obvious by Sunday night that he hadn't showered for days - he smelled bad! So, I stripped his bed Monday morning, washed everything and told him there was no way he was getting into that ultra-clean bed stinking like a pole cat. It took him 90 minutes, but he did get showered. I'm not helping. If he refuses the help I hired for him, then he can do it on his own and struggle.

During the wedding reception, I talked with a cousin who was diagnosed with the same disease Michael has. He's taking the same medications Michael was five years ago. What anguish I felt for him since I KNOW what lies ahead. He knows now that he can phone or e-mail if there is anything I can do to help.

So, try as I might, the "glow" from the trip is wearing off. The counselor I've been seeing recommended I take time off every now and then, just a day or even a few hours at a time, to do something for myself. It's tough when my husband doesn't recognize its importance and accuses me of abandoning him. She also suggested I hire a cleaning lady, which I've done beginning next week!

Got to sew for 30 minutes last night and how fantastic did that feel! Working on a Bento Box quilt for the quilt contest at Joann's. Andrea chose the fabrics and once the blocks are together, she will help with placement. She claims if I win a prize, she gets to keep it. We'll see.....

Love to you all,