Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

Make the most of the extra day we're been given - quilt, quilt and quilt some more. Unfortunately, I'm stuck here at the office until 5 pm. Production cut-off day for the month of February.

We got the sewing room reorganized last night and I'm very pleased with the different arrangement of things. I finished quilting one of mom's placemats and cut out the last two placemats. Took the black batting out of the plastic wrapper to fluff some of the wrinkles out of it. I'll spray it with the Downey wrinkle spray tonight and then start loading it on the frame once I have the backing sewn up.

There are several quilting things in the area going on this weekend, but I'm seriously debating whether or not I should partake. One is the Open House at Best Friends - you get 20 percent off when you sign up for spring classes. It takes me a good 40 minutes to get there, so I'm not sure the savings would cover the cost of gas to get there and back. The other is the quilt shop at the Lebanon Historical Museum. I've attended it two years in a row - and didn't really benefit from it other than getting a few things from the vendors who are set up in the museum. I think my time (and money) are better spent staying at home and getting the wedding quilt and cat quilt done. The guild meeting is Monday and I definitely want to be there for the speaker - the author of Nickel quilts.

Three weeks from tomorrow, we're leaving for England, so I have to get the Lizzie quilt done by this time next week.

Most of the snow we were predicted to get overnight did not materialize. Thank you, weather person!!! And it's supposed to warm up this weekend - a virtual heat wave of 50 degrees on Sunday. Perhaps spring isn't far off!!!!


Thursday, February 28, 2008


After tripping over the power cord to my sewing machine for the umpteenth time, I got Michael into the sewing room to see what he could do about the lack of power outlets. When I get home from work tonight, we're going to move a few things around (the Grace frame, the sewing desk) and see if that makes better use of the existing outlets. At least the Pfaff's power cord won't be draped across the floor any longer. It may make more room for the frame as well since the carriage bumps into the wall where it is now.

Major disappointment at work today for not only myself, but all the employees. We get annual bonuses and '07 was a record-setting production year for our departments. For some reason, the board of directors voted in half of the bonuses we've received in previous years. I didn't exactly NEED the funds, but it would have created a savings cushion - something we've lived without for too darned long. Well, at least I'll be able to pay off some things with the funds I did get.

Michael went back to rehab today after admitting it was doing him some good. I think the oxygen at night is helping - he's not snoring nearly as much or as loud. Of course, he'll change his mind about all this within the next 48 hours - that's typical Michael.

Today reminds me of that scene from the movie "Perfect Storm" when George Clooney and his boat crew are in the middle of a storm and the sun comes out just for a few minutes, the sea is calm and their eyes are filled with hope. Here in real-life Cincinnati - the sun's out , but the snow clouds are gathering once again to the southwest. Or as a local DJ calls it, The Great White Death. Snow is a four-letter word.

Some co-workers and and I treated ourselves to a nice lunch at a small cafe in Greenhills called Riley's. There are two locations - Greenhills and Springdale. Nice place, homestyle cooking. I had a turkey burger which was out of this world! So, if you're ever in the area, try Riley's. Their desserts are spectacular and they're famous for a large cookie jar collection. At the table next to ours, was a group of gals - quilters! They had fabric and projects they were sharing, so I was real tempted to leave my co-workers and join the quilters.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sleeping With Oxygen

Michael's pulmonologist thought his pulse ox readings were poor enough to require him to use oxygen at night while he sleeps. The machine and tubings were delivered and set up last night. At first, both of us thought we would have a difficult time sleeping through the noises from the machine even after we moved it away from the bed. I woke up once and found the humming somewhat comforting and Michael wasn't snoring at all last night. Is there a connection? I don't know. Michael's somewhat noncomittal about it helping. He's that way with anything the medical folks give him. He firmly believes the doctor is in league with the oxygen suppliers and they are giving it to him just to make a few extra bucks! I wish I had taken the phone call from the doctor's office since I could have asked some questions about the test results and been able to tell Michael WHY he needs it. I may phone their office later today, but it's hard for me to get any information from them due to privacy issues.

Since the oxygen supplier was coming to the house, specifically our bedroom, I spent most of the early evening tidying and cleaning in there. Between that and dinner, had zero time for quilting/sewing. Honestly, I wasn't in the mood for it either.

I've started to read one of the quilt books Michael gave me for Christmas - The Complete Guide to LongArm Quilting. I'm finding a lot of useful tips in there.

No snow at the present, in fact,the sun's out for the first time in days. Hey, Saturday's the first of March. Winter has to quit sometime soon, right?


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting Some Things Straightened Out

Continuation of yesterday's discussion regarding the upcoming wedding: Michael and I were able to have a serious chat about the wedding without him calling me selfish or stupid. I made it clear to him that if we had the funds saved up, I'd gladly help pay for a share of the expenses, but we simply don't have it at the moment. (He knew that, he said.) In the past, he's made it clear that his ex is notorious for spending money without thinking twice and from what we've heard she's being foolish with the wedding plans.(Not consulting the bride, planning it as if it were her own affair, etc.) I mentioned that and also the fact that both of us detest wasting money and are cautious whenever we do spend. So it irks both of us to share the expenses when we know the money could be better spent. At least we're on the same page with this. He's of the mind to pay his ex a bit at a time and has told her that's how it's going to be. So, I feel better about it all now. Stay tuned......I'll just be glad to be home when all's said and done.

I found some wonderful fabric for the back of Lizzie's quilt - washed and dried it last night. I'll iron it later tonight and start the set up on the frame. I'm not going to worry about the quilting too much, just keep it a simple, loose stipple. Did a bit of sewing - got one placemat finished for my mom. She bought the fabric for the placemats the last time she visited us. Mom doesn't sew at all, so it's a real treat to make something she wants.

Poor Andrea! The winter formal at her school was cancelled due to lack of interest - they didn't sell enough tickets. Well, that may be, but school was called off two days last week because of the weather and they were off on Monday too for Presidents' Day. No wonder the ticket sales were slow! She wants to keep the dress we bought on Sunday, but I'll probably end up returning it to Penney's. I'll wait a few days - perhaps the school will change the decision.

Don't know how long I'll stick to it, but in the interest of keeping a tidier house, I've devised a plan. Every night, one room needs to be cleaned before I can even set foot into the sewing room. I made a list of what room is cleaned on each day. I made it through the first day!

Hope you have a great Tuesday!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mondays Are The Price We Pay For Fridays

Can't get motivated for much of anything this morning. Seriously doubt that I'd even be in the sewing room if I were home at the moment. More likely to take a snooze after a poor sleeping night. What is it about husbands that they have to snore as loud as bloody chain saws?

My weekend was uneventful. I played hooky and skipped Weight Watchers. I just couldn't face driving in the ice and snow again Saturday morning. Andrea and I went shopping on Sunday and purchased the dress she'll wear for the winter formal this coming Saturday.

On the sewing/quilting front: I pieced and sewed the top of Bev's cat quilt and all that remains on the top to complete is the wide border. Well pleased with how it turned out. The black batting also arrived for Lizzy's quilt and I'm headed to the fabric store at lunch time today to pick up the backing I need for it.

Michael's back to his favorite subject again - sending money to his eldest daughter and ex-wife to help defray the costs of Lizzy's wedding. He just can't see that the $1700 on airfare - in his mind- should count as our contribution. The ex has been very extravagant with the plans as well. IF and that's a big IF we're to pony up for the costs, don't you think we should at least have a say in what and where? Nope, the ex has already booked an expensive restaurant for not one, but two meals for everybody. And the wedding is not in a church; they're going to the registrar's office - that's it. I can't talk to Michael about this - he believes I'm being selfish. And the rest of his family thinks it's comical how the ex is planning all this. I'm sorry, but I just don't like the thought of somebody else spending my money and I don't find his ex's actions funny at all. I know this is a quilter's forum, but if anybody has a suggestion, I'm all ears.

Big relief department: The deposition went OK and is over. I don't think that former employee will ever ask me to participate in her defense again since I proved her wrong repeatedly during the hearing. Both my secretary and I think the hearing officer will support the company's position. But, I still feel sorry for the ex-employee.

Perhaps, I'll be in a better frame of mind after fondling the fabric at lunch.


Friday, February 22, 2008

No time to quilt

What normally is a 30 minute commute took three hours last night. Heavy snow then freezing rain. I was so exhausted when I got home, I ate dinner and went straight to bed. Poor Michael prepared a lovely macaroni and cheese, but it was dried up from being kept warm for two hours. It tasted heavenly anyways. I am most definitely grateful that it is Friday.

The court deposition is supposed to be this afternoon, but my secretary phoned in sick and she's one of the two witnesses slated to testify. I phoned our corporate lawyer to let her know that and am hopeful they'll postpone the hearing. But, part of me wants to get it over with.

Andrea's off school again today. I don't think she will be ordering pizza again today - she's out of money! LOL.

Y'all have a great weekend, stay warm and get loads of quilting done. That's my intention!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Too much fabric, too little time

I "discovered" another quilt store within an easy driving distance from my office for my lunch-hour forays into fabric-land. I bought the pattern and fabric for the first quarter Thimbleberries Club project. There are two colour schemes and I chose the Lakeside blues, greens and mauves. Absolutely adore the colours used in the Thimbleberries lines. This particular quilt/project is going NO WHERE. It is mine!!!! Would you believe that I've made a dozen or so quilts since becoming addicted and I only have one scrappy quilt for my own personal use? The dog uses it more than anybody else too! All of the others have been given away as gifts.

Speaking of quilt gifts, I finished sewing on the border for the Lizzy quilt last night. Once the black batting arrives, I'll pick up the backing and start quilting that wedding gift. A friend's birthday is coming up (March 8) and I'd like to have a small cat quilt done for her. I finished four of the blocks last night using cream coloured fabric for the background. It won't take long to finish.

Another friend who was supposed to have a hysterectomy next week had to postpone the procedure because the hospital where she was going to have it done, was removed from the approved list of providers from our company's health care plan yesterday. She can still get it done as planned, but it will cost her a lot more money out of network. Something she can ill afford. So, she has to scramble to find a another doctor and another hospital that IS on the plan. The whole situation stinks; she's not exactly feeling great and now has to go through a lot of the pre-op stuff all over again. Medical insurance is getting so expensive and confusing even for those of us who are insurance professionals. It's getting to the point where I'm thinking a nationalized plan makes sense if it's properly designed.

Andrea's schools were cancelled yesterday because of the weather. So the poor little thing spent the day playing in the snow with her buddies, built a cozy fire in the fireplace, and ordered pizza for lunch. Life is so rough!!!! She's praying for bad weather tonight so they cancel schools again tomorrow.

Guess what! It's snowing again!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ouch! I've been tagged!

OK, Susan has tagged me, so I will comply with seven different and odd things about me, myself and I:

1. I met my husband on the internet. We became e-friends long-distance (he in England, me here in the US) for a while before he flew here to meet me in person. Four trips and a horrendous phone bill or two later, he asked me to marry him.
2. Years, and I do mean years, ago I was proficient at riding a unicycle. Could even play basketball whilst riding it.
3. I worked in the Ohio State Fair Public Relations Department for my college internship - probably the most interesting job I've ever had since I got to meet many news professionals and some celebrities. (Bob Hope, Johnny Cash, Crystal Gayle)
4. My guilty pleasure in life is reading some celebrity gossip web sites.
5. When I was young, my goals in life were simple: To own an olive farm and raise hundreds of cats. I loved olives and my parents restricted me to five a day when we had them and I loved cats (still do!) Later, when I got a bit older and wiser, I wanted to be an attorney until I found out how expensive law school was and by then I was sick of school. Went into insurance underwriting instead.
6. I sneak fabric into the house so my husband doesn't know how much I have.
7. My grandfather was my first babysitter and introduced me to beer at the age of 3. He'd leave work, pick me up and we'd head for the neighborhood pub. No wonder I still like a beer every now and then! I wonder if my mother knew that?

Still want to get to know me better, Susan? LOL!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To Wash or Not To Wash

Just a bunch of little stuff for a cold morning in Cincinnati. Trust me, I'm ready for spring and warmer temperatures.

Andrea decided she wanted a new hairstyle so she and I went for haircuts last night. Her style is definitely a lot shorter and very cute. Mine - just got the ends snipped off - I'm trying to let it grow out.

So, with the haircuts, that left very little sewing time. Got the first skinny border on the Lizzy quilt and hope to get the wide border sewn on tonight. I ordered the black batting from the on-line store Jen recommended. If I like this batting, I probably will order a bolt of their white batting because I certainly have enough unfinished projects to use at least a bolt. Some of the fabric I purchased at Hancock's sale yesterday got slapped into the washer. I'm never sure about wash or not wash, but with the less expensive fabrics, I'd rather wash first before snipping and sewing. Not sure if that's "correct". My first quilt teacher preached wash. Others since then have said not to wash. What do you all do?

Started watching "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" last night but stopped about half way since my eyelids weren't cooperating. Seems like a good movie though. I'll finish it sometime this week, but not tonight since "Biggest Loser" is on - the only television show I watch on a regular basis each week.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day!

Even though I do not have the day off work today, I'm grateful for President's Day since 1. the traffic was so light, 2. I didn't have to get Miss Andrea up and off to school and 3. the fabric sales. One of my co-workers gave me a coupon for Hancock Fabrics, so I'm headed there at lunchtime.

One thing I want to pick up there is a bunch of cream coloured fabric for a cat quilt I'm making. I started a few pieces for that yesterday, but didn't like how the cats looked with the mauve background. Too much competition for the eye, so I figured a neutral colour would work better. Hancock is also the only place within driving distance that I can find cotton fabric for the University of Michigan. Now, don't go calling me a traitor - my nephew Wesley is a U of M fan. It would be nice if I could get a quilt done for him and his brother for Christmas. Funny story with that U of M fabric. Last Christmas, I made Wes pillowcases from the school fabric and joked that my machine had a rough time navigating that fabric. Michael overheard the comment and freaked out. "Bloody hell, we just had that machine in for servicing," he yelled. We had to explain to him the whole OSU vs. Michigan deal and since I'm an OSU graduate, my machine hates Michigan as well, etc..... Poor Michael - he is certainly disadvantaged when it comes to talk concerning sports, schools and politics in this country.

Like I mentioned I started working on the cats and am really please with how they're pieced. It should be a relatively easy quilt to get done.

Michael and I went to Bev and Martin's for dinner on Saturday night. Martin fixed some very yummy fish and chips. I wish they lived closer to us. Michael and Martin have so much in common.

Mom phoned yesterday. Her surgery is still on for Wednesday. She's sounding very nervous and I wish I could be there for her. I just can't leave work and my family for two or three days at this point. She promised that Ken would phone to let us know the surgery's over, etc.

Oh, two miracles happened on Saturday. First, I lost 2.4 pounds at WI! Talk about happy dancing! The second - Danny paid me the $325 he owed me for his plane ticket. Danny also mentioned that he wants to return to school in the fall! I know it won't be easy for him, but I'll do whatever I can to support his education goal. He's talking Cincinnati School of Art and Design or Dayton's art school. The school in Dayton accepted him prior to graduation, so I don't think he'll have any problem getting into a program.


Friday, February 15, 2008


Michael is really into model railroading and moaned about the fact that he didn't have any cows on his layout. So, he went on E-Bay and bought a whole herd of bovine beasties without asking me first if it was OK to pay for them using our checking account. After the cows were paid for, we had a grand total of 1.15 in the checking account Granted, things are much better since we got paid today, but I was really sweating it for a couple of days. In the meantime, I jumped on his case about the cows. So, what was waiting for me when I returned home yesterday? A Valentine's gift - a stuffed toy cow with a banner that read "I love you!" I can tell you I was not mooooooooooooved by that gift.

I think I may teach Smudge the cat how tasty the new cows are on Michael's layout.

I finished piecing and sewing the Stash Pot Pie quilt last night. It's certainly colourful. And, I'm ashamed to report that I'm a weak stash hoarder. (Sniff, sniff, I'm so ashamed!) I bought five yards of fabric on sale today. Well, there goes the New Year's resolution down the toilet. Picked up some thread also - half off sale - so I grabbed two of each I needed.

The big news is Joann's is going to open a SuperCenter in Mason. Our neighbor, Josie, told me she heard a rumor about it, so I confirmed the information on the Cincinnati Enquirer web page this morning. And I thought I was anxious for IKEA to open?

Other excitement: I accidentally left the lights on the car whilst Michael and I were in Krogers last night. Thank goodness Josie and Jim were at Kroger's and Jim had jumper cables in his truck. On the to do list for the weekend: get new car battery. Ugh! I hate spending money on cars! Fabric is much more fun!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've always loved Valentine's Day. What a big deal it was in grade school to exchange cards and then sift through them! I loved those little class parties and all the cards I've kept through the years. My favorite card was from my Daddy and it's a good reminder that people may die, but relationships never do.

With what little time I had to sew last night, I finished three rows of the Stash Pot Pie quilt. It was so cold last night, I had the portable heater running in the sewing room.

Had a lovely lunch with my co-workers today. We went to Bob Evans. I had a small chef's salad which was worth six points on the Weight Watchers' plan. And it was quite yummy. Would you believe their biscuits are eight points each????!!! No wonder they taste so good. I'm intent on hitting my daily points today and no more. I've exceeded my daily points most days this week, but I believe I'm still within the guidelines of daily points plus 35. I was so disgusted on Saturday after gaining, I ate a piece of pie at Stash Pot Pie class and had pizza that night. Self-sabotage, I know, but it sure tasted good and it seemed like AGES since I had apple pie.

I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Valentine's Day.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Snow/Ice Day

Being the big chicken that I am, I did not even try go come in to work yesterday. The freezing rain and snow that hit us convinced me it wasn't a good idea for my nerves or blood pressure to join the crazies on the road. Well, I was the only one in my department who chose to take that route. I don't believe anybody criticized me for it, but I do feel somewhat guilty about it now. My friend, Diane, told me not to worry about it - that's what PTO days are for.

Anyways, I spent a decent amount of time cutting fabric and sewing together the strips for the latest Stash Pot Pie quilt. I know I have almost an entire month to get it finished, but once I'm inspired to work on something, it's folly to fight the urge. I have three more strips to combine and I'm ready to sew them all together. I'm not real "crazy" over the looks of this particular pattern - this quilt will probably be used for picnics and something to just keep us warm whilst we watch television.

Michael and I talked a bit about re-configuration of my sewing room. The frame takes up a good chunk of it and partially blocks the door. I told him when I'm on the retreat in April, he can "have at it" with the room since he's talking about knocking a wall down.

Since I had a day off, I accompanied Michael to his respiratory therapy session yesterday afternoon, only to find the facility closed due to weather. I don't think he was too upset about it being cancelled - only bothered by the fact that nobody phoned us to let us know they were closed. Michael was tired - got up at 3:30 to work at 5, worked until noon and then came home for the therapy session. Didn't help matters any that he was up until 11 th night before as well, big dummy. The company specializing in home oxygen is supposed to be at our house tomorrow evening to set Michael up with an evaluation. It seems that we're heading down a slippery slope with his lung issues and I'm worried that perhaps the statistics I read about longevity were factual. Then again, perhaps things won't look so bad once warmer weather is here. The cold always did bother him a lot.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Productive Weekend

It all started on Friday night - I was inspired! A year ago, I started a Turning 20 quilt, but stopped about 2/3 of the way done. I finished the top on Friday! On Saturday, I attended the second Stash Busting class at Best Friends quilt shoppe - picked up the backing for the Laurel Burch quilt and showed the rest of the class my Buckeye quilt - see Jill's blog for a photo. Jan, the shop owner, gave us another pattern for the class and a lovely piece of French apple pie. Yum! Who cares about weigh in - it sucked this Saturday anyways! Well, the new pattern is rather complicated looking. I looked through my stash for ideas and promptly scratched the idea of a cat based fabric for the main blocks. The pattern can be used with 9 patch, 4 patch or solid blocks. I've opted for the solid blocks. Finally settled on a print with baskets, apples, pears and vines for the main blocks and chose mostly solids for the lightening bolts throughout the 15 rows. I cut 172 of the main blocks on Saturday night and started sewing yesterday. I have four of the 15 rows finished and am well pleased with how it's shaping up. It's not difficult sewing, but I did make some mistakes - the triangle placement was off on 12 pieces and I had to rip all that out. It should be smoother sewing for the rest of it though. I'm PRAYING for loads of snow so I can stay home tomorrow and work on that quilt.

This week, I want to order the black batting I need for Lizzy's quilt and get the borders on that quilt as well. I'd love to have that one completely done by the end of the month so I'm not fretting about getting it done in time for the trip at the end of March.

Andrea's feeling much better. She spent the entire day Saturday in bed, which is probably what she needed. Yesterday, she felt well enough to ask to go to the movies with her friends and I told her no, it was too cold outside and I didn't want her pushing herself. She got up and off to school this morning with no moaning and when I told her she might get her snow day tomorrow, she REALLY perked up.

Mom phoned last night. We had a nice chat about a variety of topics - one was an upcoming family reunion in Cleveland this summer for my grandmother's side of the family. It's been YEARS since I've seen most of those folks. Even before Nana passed away, it was rare for us to see the Kimseys - usually at a wedding or funeral. In fact, I think the last time I saw many of them was at Nana and Papap's 50th wedding anniversary party and that was 17 years ago. I think I'd like to attend this reunion. Mom also said she talked with our cousins in Chicago. Very sad news from them - one cousin who I'm very fond of has been diagnosed with emphysema. His oldest daughter is now living the life of a hermit - she's gained hundreds of pounds, is living on welfare and is virtually unrecognizable according to her mum. It's too sad. And I wish there was something I could do to help her. It also brings a lot of things into perspective for me. After WI on Saturday, I was so upset about .8 gain, and a slight gain the week before. I shouldn't stress over it or the last 35 pounds that I want to lose when there are folks out there who are in far, far worse shape. And then I wonder, there but for the grace of God, go I.

On the stubborn man front, Michael is dragging his heels on getting oxygen at home. The therapist wants him to have access to it when he's working out. Michael's protesting the expense, but I told him to at least find out FIRST what it will cost before making up his mind. He's supposed to be working out and keeping a log of his efforts, but the most exercise he gets is walking from the bedroom to the office! He had a coughing fit this morning and blamed me for it - said my perfume choked him. What perfume? I haven't worn perfume in months, ever since I learned it could affect his breathing. He looks for REASONS for his coughing fits, other than the fact that he has a lung disease! Although I'm praying for snow tomorrow, winter can't end fast enough for me when it comes to Michael and his lungs. Warmer weather's so much easier for him. All the advice his therapist gives him about covering his mouth and nose with a warm scarf and other ways to protect his lungs are all ignored!

So, on to Monday..........


Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Dance Time

I got the Lizzy quilt pieced and ready for the border! I showed it to Michael who said it looked nice and definitely looks like something Lizzy would like. It bloody well should since he was the one who picked out the pattern. Next to figure out is how it should be quilted.

It's so nice to know that I'm going to have a quiet weekend with no planned outings - just the quilt class tomorrow and a bit of shopping on Sunday. Andrea needs a quiet weekend as well - her cold seemed worse this morning to me and I had to fight to get her to take anything for it. If she's not better by Monday, I'll get her an appointment with Dr. Peerless.

With all the crud going around, Michael's lung issues and just the general mood in the office, I am so ready for spring. I know, I know, we haven't had much in the way of snow and ice. Sunny days and warmer winds just sound so revitalizing at the moment. I complained to Michael last night (wrong thing to do) about the trip to England, the money it's costing and how his family has this wrong impression that we have money. (He in turn called me selfish, which hurt, but I'm not getting into that.) Honestly, though, even a week in cold, damp English would be a welcome change of pace and at least it's away from the routine and office. That's only six weeks from now. I think I can hang in there until then.

Warm hugs and love,

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Year of the Rat!

Today's Chinese New Year and as is our tradition, we'll be getting Chinese take-away for dinner tonight. Yeah! No cooking for this bad girl! I will behave myself and get mixed stir fry veggies. I'm positive that Andrea and Michael will more than make up for me in the calorie and fat department.

Which reminds me: Michael lost a pound last week! How did he do that? The man eats like a pig, doesn't work out, yet he loses a pound. I journal, work out on the treadmill and gain .6! ?????!!!!

Andrea can't seem to shake the bug one of her friends so graciously shared with her. It's a good thing she's kept to herself. I certainly don't want Michael to come down with any of the crud that's floating around. A simple cold could knock him flat with his pulmonary fibrosis.

As for me, no complaints. I'd rather be home sewing, of course. I should have the big blocks for the Lizzy quilt all done tonight. One of my friends from work is scheduled to have a hysterectomy soon and I was wondering if I have enough time to quilt a decent pretty lap quilt for her. There are so many things I want to start, but I have to be disciplined and finish certain things first. How do you all keep yourself from flirting from one project to another?

Really looking forward to the Stash Buster's class on Saturday. I'm a bit hesitant about showing my quilt top to the class though. It will be the first time any other quilters have looked at my work. I suppose as long as the room isn't filled with a bunch of quilt Nazis I should be OK.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rainy Wednesday

I need to admit that we're very lucky with the warmer temperatures we've had the last few days. Shudder to think of how much snow if it had been colder. It's a good day to take a nap - wet and nasty out there. Think anybody would mind if took a snooze in my work cubicle? Probably.

I'm making good progress on the Lizzy quilt - two of the six big blocks are done and I've organized the rest of the small blocks for easy sewing. I'm missing two of the little blocks, but thank goodness I have enough fabric left over to easily patch the shortage. It will be a beautiful quilt, but not one I want to work on again.

Last night I gave Andrea a stack of quilt books and told her to select which quilt she would like made for her bed. I'm trying to get her more interested in the art. She chose a pattern from the last issue of easy quilts from Fons & Porter - something called Tiramasu. But, she wants different colours from the one in the magazine. Sometime later this month, I'll take her to the fabric store and let her choose the fabrics.

Michael reportedly had a good work-out during therapy yesterday. The therapist told him they're contacting the pulmonologist to get a prescription for at home oxygen so Michael can work on the treadmill in our bedroom. Michael's not thrilled about that and said we're not getting it. Why doesn't that man listen? Anyways, I collected my thoughts and cornered him later in the evening and said, "Look here, you stubborn git, I want you around for years to come and one way to make sure that happens is for you to get exercise. We are getting that oxygen and you are using it. I do not care what it costs. End of discussion!" He didn't say a word. There are still five weeks of his therapy left - he will need to make the most of it. I don't think I'll be able to convince him to continue it after the prescribed insurance time is up. This translates into picking and choosing the battles with a man who is supposedly of sound mind.

Looking forward to getting some sewing done tonight in between loads of laundry.

Hugs and love,

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Focusing On The Good Stuff

After being exposed to the ugliness with the subpeona, I was feeling pretty down yesterday. Then I went to the guild meeting. Our main speaker last night was an enthusiastic, entertaining lady who does art quilting. She told us that when she needed surgery and had no health insurance, one of her quilting friends hooked her up with a patient advocacy program and other quilters bought her work - help enough that when all was said and done she owed nothing on her medical bills. She used that as an example to prove her point that as a group quilters are wonderful, caring people who are all artists giving one of the greatest gifts of love - quilts. Now, I've never particularly thought of myself as being artistic or an overly caring person - just normal. But since I've been a quilter - my softer side is coming more into focus. And it's not just the fabric. It's wanting to create a more beautiful home environment. It's sharing with others who don't participate in the fabric arts. It's leaving my mark on the world.

Whilst our guild meeting was going on, a senior citizens group was hosting a speed dating event. When I left our meeting, several of the senior couples were dancing and clearly enjoying themselves. What wonderful memories of my grandparents and aunts that brought back. There is a lot of happiness and beauty out there. Memories included.

Good lord, am I ever glad I went to the guild meeting. And I'm glad I'm part of this quilting community too. Thanks for reading.

Hugs and love,

Monday, February 4, 2008

What A Nuisance

My testimony was postponed! Talk about GRRRRRRRRRRRR. I sat outside the attorney's office for two and a half hours whilst the other called employees testified. Two of us were postponed because the opposing attorney had another meeting lined up and the previous testimony took longer than anticipated. They're going to re-schedule and will let us know. The attorney for the employment office wanted to do it at 8 pm and have me phone in from home. I basically told them in non uncertain terms that I will not do that. I was and still am angry.

Thank goodness I can forget about all this and have fun at the guild meeting tonight!

Hope your day is going better.

Let's Get It Over With

Late on Friday, I received the subpeona from the Employment Compensation Board. I guess there is no getting out of it, I have to be there for the hearing this afternoon. A group of us from the office is getting together at 12:15 to go over things and prepare for the hearing. At least I can take comfort in the fact that others are involved and their involvement is far, far greater than mine. I just listened to the former employee whine and gripe all the time and leant a sympathetic ear. If I ever see that former co-worker, it will not be pretty. This whole situation makes me wonder if I should ever open myself up to new employees on a friendly basis.

We had a fun weekend, but it didn't involve too much sewing time. Michael, Andrea and I went to see a play at the high school on Friday night. "The Visit" was well performed and was an interesting story. It's so nice to see Andrea take an active interest in theatre. WI was a bummer - up .6. I don't think I ate enough last week or tracked very accurately. Learn and go on. I'm keeping track of the weekends now - something I haven't been doing and I will eat most if not all of my 35 extra points. Martin and Bev came over on Saturday night - Bev's fighting some nasty bug, but she didn't think it was contagious. Michael made a typical Michael meal and they seemed to like it as well as the WW lemon pie I made. Finally got around to sewing on Sunday - finished the Stash Pot pie quilt top and pieced the blocks for the Lizzy quilt. That thing is so bloody confusing - if I'm not careful about the shades on the chart, I get the black triangles wrong. I had to rip out two blocks since the black triangles were facing in the wrong direction. It makes such a big difference. I doubt if I make another of these quilts - too time consuming for somebody who probably won't appreciate the effort and the pattern book is confusing.

My seam ripper has sprouted legs and walked off somewhere, so in the midst of the frustration with the Lizzy quilt, I drove to WalMart to get a new seam ripper. Having the proper tools make quilting life so much easier.

Guild meeting tonight. So, I'll rush home, fix dinner and dash off to the meeting in Blue Ash.

Jen, my husband said he thought the batting you recommended was a great idea, so once I have some extra money, I'll order a bolt of it. I'll find the space for it. Right now, I have storage totes of fabric under the frame. My once large sewing room didn't take long to fill up. That's why I had such high hopes for the Stash Pot Pie classes - use up that stash.

I did manage to sneak in a trip to Yarns and Fabrications for the their first Sunday sale. I found some more railroad fabric and bought a few (16) fat quarters. So much for my resolution - but the fabric was so pretty. (Repeat after me, "I'm a weak woman and I won't do it again.") But it was on sale - how can any respectable quilter turn it down? Michael went with me to the shop and I showed him a joint project I want us to work on. It's a quilt hanger - made like a wooden valance with a rod inside the box to hang the quilt on. I thought that would look nice in our dining room. He said he'll make one for me once I have the quilt made that will hang there. He'll custom fit the hanger to the quilt.

Received a flyer in the mail too about the upcoming Lebanon quilt show at the end of this month. I've gone to that the last two years and really didn't see much in the way of a quilt show, just a lot of vendors in one spot is the attraction.

Well, I'd best get some work done before the stupid hearing. Say a prayer for me; my nerves are frazzled.
Hugs and love,

Friday, February 1, 2008

Made It To Friday!

Well, the weather-guessers in Cincinnati goofed again! The freezing garbage they were calling for this morning did not materialize. Mind you, I'm thrilled not to have drive in it, but Andrea was quite bothered. I think she was counting on a day off or at least a delay for school. Poor thing is stressed - she has a speech to give in communications class this morning.

Speaking of stress - my doctor said that's the reason for the high blood pressure readings I've been experiencing. My blood pressure and tests were in excellent shape at the appointment yesterday. Dr. Peerless didn't want to put me on medication to lower the blood pressure, but keep an eye on things and let her know if the problems continue. Avoid stress, get lots of rest, exercise and I should be fine. She praised me a lot on my Weight Watchers accomplishments and to keep up the good work. Now, if I could just keep Michael from stressing me out. (that's NOT going to happen!)

Poor Michael had some emergency dental work done yesterday - a root canal and he has to return on Tuesday for some more work. He had an infection, so now he's on antibiotics too.

On the quilt front - I finished sewing all the strips for the Stash Pot Pie quilt and want to get them all sewn together tonight. So, I'll have my "homework" for class done a whole week early! )On Saturday - sew all the little sqaures for the Lizzy quilt. I must, must, must get those placemats done for Mom. When she was here last weekend, she bought chicken fabric to make placemats. It would be nice too to finish quilting a Valentines Day lap quilt I pieced together two years ago in time to use this year. After reading Jen's blog about her expertise on the Grace frame, I'm resolved to keep a project on the frame at all times until I'm caught up. I can still piece on the old machine. I have at least ten quilts that need to be finished. Anybody know of any batting sales?

Martin and Bev, our dear friends from Norwood, are coming to dinner on Saturday night. Michael is making Toad-in-the-Hole as the main course. I'm responsible for the dessert, so I'm making a WW recipe for Lemon Pie. It reads super easy and I'm in the mood for something lemony right now.

Y'all have a great weekend and stay in touch.