Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Focusing On The Good Stuff

After being exposed to the ugliness with the subpeona, I was feeling pretty down yesterday. Then I went to the guild meeting. Our main speaker last night was an enthusiastic, entertaining lady who does art quilting. She told us that when she needed surgery and had no health insurance, one of her quilting friends hooked her up with a patient advocacy program and other quilters bought her work - help enough that when all was said and done she owed nothing on her medical bills. She used that as an example to prove her point that as a group quilters are wonderful, caring people who are all artists giving one of the greatest gifts of love - quilts. Now, I've never particularly thought of myself as being artistic or an overly caring person - just normal. But since I've been a quilter - my softer side is coming more into focus. And it's not just the fabric. It's wanting to create a more beautiful home environment. It's sharing with others who don't participate in the fabric arts. It's leaving my mark on the world.

Whilst our guild meeting was going on, a senior citizens group was hosting a speed dating event. When I left our meeting, several of the senior couples were dancing and clearly enjoying themselves. What wonderful memories of my grandparents and aunts that brought back. There is a lot of happiness and beauty out there. Memories included.

Good lord, am I ever glad I went to the guild meeting. And I'm glad I'm part of this quilting community too. Thanks for reading.

Hugs and love,

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