Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ouch! I've been tagged!

OK, Susan has tagged me, so I will comply with seven different and odd things about me, myself and I:

1. I met my husband on the internet. We became e-friends long-distance (he in England, me here in the US) for a while before he flew here to meet me in person. Four trips and a horrendous phone bill or two later, he asked me to marry him.
2. Years, and I do mean years, ago I was proficient at riding a unicycle. Could even play basketball whilst riding it.
3. I worked in the Ohio State Fair Public Relations Department for my college internship - probably the most interesting job I've ever had since I got to meet many news professionals and some celebrities. (Bob Hope, Johnny Cash, Crystal Gayle)
4. My guilty pleasure in life is reading some celebrity gossip web sites.
5. When I was young, my goals in life were simple: To own an olive farm and raise hundreds of cats. I loved olives and my parents restricted me to five a day when we had them and I loved cats (still do!) Later, when I got a bit older and wiser, I wanted to be an attorney until I found out how expensive law school was and by then I was sick of school. Went into insurance underwriting instead.
6. I sneak fabric into the house so my husband doesn't know how much I have.
7. My grandfather was my first babysitter and introduced me to beer at the age of 3. He'd leave work, pick me up and we'd head for the neighborhood pub. No wonder I still like a beer every now and then! I wonder if my mother knew that?

Still want to get to know me better, Susan? LOL!



Moneik said...

I met my future husband online too! We only lived two hours apart, but the 120 miles each way, every weekend too a lot of our gas money. Luckily it was only till the end of the school year and I was able to move closer to him and find a permanent job. 3 1/2 years later we are getting married. He asked me to marry him, 3 years to the day of the first time we chatted online. June is coming way too soon though!

Suzan said...

What great info! I was also introduced to beer by my grandfather and one of my earliest memories is drinking Rolling Rock beer from a juice glass while he finished the bottle!

And yes - I am glad I am getting to know you better!!