Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sleeping With Oxygen

Michael's pulmonologist thought his pulse ox readings were poor enough to require him to use oxygen at night while he sleeps. The machine and tubings were delivered and set up last night. At first, both of us thought we would have a difficult time sleeping through the noises from the machine even after we moved it away from the bed. I woke up once and found the humming somewhat comforting and Michael wasn't snoring at all last night. Is there a connection? I don't know. Michael's somewhat noncomittal about it helping. He's that way with anything the medical folks give him. He firmly believes the doctor is in league with the oxygen suppliers and they are giving it to him just to make a few extra bucks! I wish I had taken the phone call from the doctor's office since I could have asked some questions about the test results and been able to tell Michael WHY he needs it. I may phone their office later today, but it's hard for me to get any information from them due to privacy issues.

Since the oxygen supplier was coming to the house, specifically our bedroom, I spent most of the early evening tidying and cleaning in there. Between that and dinner, had zero time for quilting/sewing. Honestly, I wasn't in the mood for it either.

I've started to read one of the quilt books Michael gave me for Christmas - The Complete Guide to LongArm Quilting. I'm finding a lot of useful tips in there.

No snow at the present, in fact,the sun's out for the first time in days. Hey, Saturday's the first of March. Winter has to quit sometime soon, right?


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Connie said...

I'm like you--low level noise is fine with me for sleeping--it IS kinda relaxing! But heaven help me if there's a light on--ugh, can't sleep in light. Your idea of cleaning one room before letting yourself hit the quilting is a neat one! I may have to give that a try myself!