Monday, February 4, 2008

Let's Get It Over With

Late on Friday, I received the subpeona from the Employment Compensation Board. I guess there is no getting out of it, I have to be there for the hearing this afternoon. A group of us from the office is getting together at 12:15 to go over things and prepare for the hearing. At least I can take comfort in the fact that others are involved and their involvement is far, far greater than mine. I just listened to the former employee whine and gripe all the time and leant a sympathetic ear. If I ever see that former co-worker, it will not be pretty. This whole situation makes me wonder if I should ever open myself up to new employees on a friendly basis.

We had a fun weekend, but it didn't involve too much sewing time. Michael, Andrea and I went to see a play at the high school on Friday night. "The Visit" was well performed and was an interesting story. It's so nice to see Andrea take an active interest in theatre. WI was a bummer - up .6. I don't think I ate enough last week or tracked very accurately. Learn and go on. I'm keeping track of the weekends now - something I haven't been doing and I will eat most if not all of my 35 extra points. Martin and Bev came over on Saturday night - Bev's fighting some nasty bug, but she didn't think it was contagious. Michael made a typical Michael meal and they seemed to like it as well as the WW lemon pie I made. Finally got around to sewing on Sunday - finished the Stash Pot pie quilt top and pieced the blocks for the Lizzy quilt. That thing is so bloody confusing - if I'm not careful about the shades on the chart, I get the black triangles wrong. I had to rip out two blocks since the black triangles were facing in the wrong direction. It makes such a big difference. I doubt if I make another of these quilts - too time consuming for somebody who probably won't appreciate the effort and the pattern book is confusing.

My seam ripper has sprouted legs and walked off somewhere, so in the midst of the frustration with the Lizzy quilt, I drove to WalMart to get a new seam ripper. Having the proper tools make quilting life so much easier.

Guild meeting tonight. So, I'll rush home, fix dinner and dash off to the meeting in Blue Ash.

Jen, my husband said he thought the batting you recommended was a great idea, so once I have some extra money, I'll order a bolt of it. I'll find the space for it. Right now, I have storage totes of fabric under the frame. My once large sewing room didn't take long to fill up. That's why I had such high hopes for the Stash Pot Pie classes - use up that stash.

I did manage to sneak in a trip to Yarns and Fabrications for the their first Sunday sale. I found some more railroad fabric and bought a few (16) fat quarters. So much for my resolution - but the fabric was so pretty. (Repeat after me, "I'm a weak woman and I won't do it again.") But it was on sale - how can any respectable quilter turn it down? Michael went with me to the shop and I showed him a joint project I want us to work on. It's a quilt hanger - made like a wooden valance with a rod inside the box to hang the quilt on. I thought that would look nice in our dining room. He said he'll make one for me once I have the quilt made that will hang there. He'll custom fit the hanger to the quilt.

Received a flyer in the mail too about the upcoming Lebanon quilt show at the end of this month. I've gone to that the last two years and really didn't see much in the way of a quilt show, just a lot of vendors in one spot is the attraction.

Well, I'd best get some work done before the stupid hearing. Say a prayer for me; my nerves are frazzled.
Hugs and love,


Jen said...

Cathy, what a bummer about this whole ex-co-worker thing. I feel the same way about new co-workers after an incident a few years back.

You'll find somewhere creative to go with your batting. I just bought some drawers for under my frame. One set at a time I figure!!

Deb (vtquilter) said...

Cathy, sorry about the ex co-worker issues. Hopefully you will just answer your questions and be done with it.Hmmm... batting under a bed works... gotta keep that floor warm!