Monday, February 25, 2008

Mondays Are The Price We Pay For Fridays

Can't get motivated for much of anything this morning. Seriously doubt that I'd even be in the sewing room if I were home at the moment. More likely to take a snooze after a poor sleeping night. What is it about husbands that they have to snore as loud as bloody chain saws?

My weekend was uneventful. I played hooky and skipped Weight Watchers. I just couldn't face driving in the ice and snow again Saturday morning. Andrea and I went shopping on Sunday and purchased the dress she'll wear for the winter formal this coming Saturday.

On the sewing/quilting front: I pieced and sewed the top of Bev's cat quilt and all that remains on the top to complete is the wide border. Well pleased with how it turned out. The black batting also arrived for Lizzy's quilt and I'm headed to the fabric store at lunch time today to pick up the backing I need for it.

Michael's back to his favorite subject again - sending money to his eldest daughter and ex-wife to help defray the costs of Lizzy's wedding. He just can't see that the $1700 on airfare - in his mind- should count as our contribution. The ex has been very extravagant with the plans as well. IF and that's a big IF we're to pony up for the costs, don't you think we should at least have a say in what and where? Nope, the ex has already booked an expensive restaurant for not one, but two meals for everybody. And the wedding is not in a church; they're going to the registrar's office - that's it. I can't talk to Michael about this - he believes I'm being selfish. And the rest of his family thinks it's comical how the ex is planning all this. I'm sorry, but I just don't like the thought of somebody else spending my money and I don't find his ex's actions funny at all. I know this is a quilter's forum, but if anybody has a suggestion, I'm all ears.

Big relief department: The deposition went OK and is over. I don't think that former employee will ever ask me to participate in her defense again since I proved her wrong repeatedly during the hearing. Both my secretary and I think the hearing officer will support the company's position. But, I still feel sorry for the ex-employee.

Perhaps, I'll be in a better frame of mind after fondling the fabric at lunch.


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Jen said...

I know I'm not going to be very popular with my opinion...

Weddings are such emotionally charged events to begin with. Your presence at the event isn't your contribution. You are going to share in their special day. This is his daughter. Does it suck that airfare is so high? Absolutley. He's doing the rest because he wants's his daughter. Someday when your daughter gets married you're going to feel the same way about wanting to do things for her and the benefit is that you won't have to fly so far.