Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting Some Things Straightened Out

Continuation of yesterday's discussion regarding the upcoming wedding: Michael and I were able to have a serious chat about the wedding without him calling me selfish or stupid. I made it clear to him that if we had the funds saved up, I'd gladly help pay for a share of the expenses, but we simply don't have it at the moment. (He knew that, he said.) In the past, he's made it clear that his ex is notorious for spending money without thinking twice and from what we've heard she's being foolish with the wedding plans.(Not consulting the bride, planning it as if it were her own affair, etc.) I mentioned that and also the fact that both of us detest wasting money and are cautious whenever we do spend. So it irks both of us to share the expenses when we know the money could be better spent. At least we're on the same page with this. He's of the mind to pay his ex a bit at a time and has told her that's how it's going to be. So, I feel better about it all now. Stay tuned......I'll just be glad to be home when all's said and done.

I found some wonderful fabric for the back of Lizzie's quilt - washed and dried it last night. I'll iron it later tonight and start the set up on the frame. I'm not going to worry about the quilting too much, just keep it a simple, loose stipple. Did a bit of sewing - got one placemat finished for my mom. She bought the fabric for the placemats the last time she visited us. Mom doesn't sew at all, so it's a real treat to make something she wants.

Poor Andrea! The winter formal at her school was cancelled due to lack of interest - they didn't sell enough tickets. Well, that may be, but school was called off two days last week because of the weather and they were off on Monday too for Presidents' Day. No wonder the ticket sales were slow! She wants to keep the dress we bought on Sunday, but I'll probably end up returning it to Penney's. I'll wait a few days - perhaps the school will change the decision.

Don't know how long I'll stick to it, but in the interest of keeping a tidier house, I've devised a plan. Every night, one room needs to be cleaned before I can even set foot into the sewing room. I made a list of what room is cleaned on each day. I made it through the first day!

Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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