Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

Make the most of the extra day we're been given - quilt, quilt and quilt some more. Unfortunately, I'm stuck here at the office until 5 pm. Production cut-off day for the month of February.

We got the sewing room reorganized last night and I'm very pleased with the different arrangement of things. I finished quilting one of mom's placemats and cut out the last two placemats. Took the black batting out of the plastic wrapper to fluff some of the wrinkles out of it. I'll spray it with the Downey wrinkle spray tonight and then start loading it on the frame once I have the backing sewn up.

There are several quilting things in the area going on this weekend, but I'm seriously debating whether or not I should partake. One is the Open House at Best Friends - you get 20 percent off when you sign up for spring classes. It takes me a good 40 minutes to get there, so I'm not sure the savings would cover the cost of gas to get there and back. The other is the quilt shop at the Lebanon Historical Museum. I've attended it two years in a row - and didn't really benefit from it other than getting a few things from the vendors who are set up in the museum. I think my time (and money) are better spent staying at home and getting the wedding quilt and cat quilt done. The guild meeting is Monday and I definitely want to be there for the speaker - the author of Nickel quilts.

Three weeks from tomorrow, we're leaving for England, so I have to get the Lizzie quilt done by this time next week.

Most of the snow we were predicted to get overnight did not materialize. Thank you, weather person!!! And it's supposed to warm up this weekend - a virtual heat wave of 50 degrees on Sunday. Perhaps spring isn't far off!!!!


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