Thursday, February 21, 2008

Too much fabric, too little time

I "discovered" another quilt store within an easy driving distance from my office for my lunch-hour forays into fabric-land. I bought the pattern and fabric for the first quarter Thimbleberries Club project. There are two colour schemes and I chose the Lakeside blues, greens and mauves. Absolutely adore the colours used in the Thimbleberries lines. This particular quilt/project is going NO WHERE. It is mine!!!! Would you believe that I've made a dozen or so quilts since becoming addicted and I only have one scrappy quilt for my own personal use? The dog uses it more than anybody else too! All of the others have been given away as gifts.

Speaking of quilt gifts, I finished sewing on the border for the Lizzy quilt last night. Once the black batting arrives, I'll pick up the backing and start quilting that wedding gift. A friend's birthday is coming up (March 8) and I'd like to have a small cat quilt done for her. I finished four of the blocks last night using cream coloured fabric for the background. It won't take long to finish.

Another friend who was supposed to have a hysterectomy next week had to postpone the procedure because the hospital where she was going to have it done, was removed from the approved list of providers from our company's health care plan yesterday. She can still get it done as planned, but it will cost her a lot more money out of network. Something she can ill afford. So, she has to scramble to find a another doctor and another hospital that IS on the plan. The whole situation stinks; she's not exactly feeling great and now has to go through a lot of the pre-op stuff all over again. Medical insurance is getting so expensive and confusing even for those of us who are insurance professionals. It's getting to the point where I'm thinking a nationalized plan makes sense if it's properly designed.

Andrea's schools were cancelled yesterday because of the weather. So the poor little thing spent the day playing in the snow with her buddies, built a cozy fire in the fireplace, and ordered pizza for lunch. Life is so rough!!!! She's praying for bad weather tonight so they cancel schools again tomorrow.

Guess what! It's snowing again!


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