Monday, January 26, 2009

The Laundry Monster

Remember the clutter class I'm taking on Monday nights for the next three weeks? One of the major topics of discussion during last week's session was laundry. To be honest, I was relieved to learn other gals face the issue of clothing piles -clean and dirty. Part of the homework for this class involves making an action list of five items each day. I've listed laundry every day, but do you think I'm making any progress with this battle? Heck, no! Two loads of laundry are piled on my rocking chair, the washer and dryer are full, and the oldest "kid" (Michael) still insists on leaving his undies and filthy socks on the floor where he takes them off. How much effort does it take to pick them up and toss them into the clothes basket???? (Lazy husbands are a topic for ANOTHER day) But, what incentive can I give myself to complete the laundry task after each load gets popped out of the dryer?

Otherwise, I'm doing a splendid job of decluttering some areas of the house. Yet another load of "goodies" went to Goodwill on Saturday.

I finished quilting and binding a Valentine's Day lap quilt that I pieced for a class three years ago. My revelation: all my finished quilt tops don't do ANYBODY any good hanging in the closet in my sewing room. They deserve to be completed!

Today could also be titled doctor day. Michael returns to the pulmonologist and I have a six month mammogram - in follow up for the biopsy done last summer. At least it gets me out of the office early.

The weather's supposed to take a rapid turn for the worse tonight after midnight. Perhaps 4-6 inches of snow by tomorrow's rush hour. (What "fun" that will be!) Course, the weather-guessers could be wrong again. Our forecasted "dusting" of snow yesterday turned into two inches. Oh, to be able to stay home and watch the snow fall from the warmth of my kitchen! Have to admit, newfallen snow is pretty. Sort of like a big sheet of batting all over everything!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

On The Mend and First Finish!

Both Michael and I are feeling much better. In fact, Michael returned to work this morning, but he's taking a nap this afternoon - didn't sleep well last night, which I suspect was anxiety over returning after being away for five days.

I put the finishing stitches on Tattoo Boy's quilt last night. Gotta figure out how to work my new camera and get a photo posted for you all! Very pleased with how it turned out.

Three years ago I had a class at SewEzy and pieced a Valentine's Day lap quilt. My intentions are to have it completed this weekend - it's on the frame right now. Wouldn't it be great if I could get all the tops I have pieced done in 2009? You're probably wondering what stuff I've been smoking! LOL!

Well, we're 23 days into the new year and I'm really amazing myself by keeping up with the Bible readings and (starting this week) the meditations for the clutter class. I think spending 10-15 minutes each morning with those devotions and quiet thoughts really start my day in a great way. I'm calmer at work and able to handle stress much better.

And for those of you Daisy the dachshund followers, she gets her ear medication every night. HER stress level is not good - she HATES the ear drops. She's still shaking her head as if it'll fall off, so I'm not sure the drops are doing any good. Her recovery from medication time is swift -usually takes a chew stick to get over the trauma that I inflict on her each night after dinner.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trying To Get Healthy

I suppose the town where we live should quarantine our house. Even our mini-dachshund is sick.

Michael was the first to feel poorly and is probably the biggest baby about it all. He started coughing and hacking on Saturday. By Monday I MADE him got to the doctor and we learned he had bronchitis. Bad enough, mind you, but on top of his pulmonary fibrosis, it's really knocked him down. Ever since Sunday, I've waited on him, serving his meals in bed even. No wonder I'm worn out and had to return to the office to get some rest!

The kids just have colds - they'll be fine. I have an ear infection, as does our dog, Daisy. Daisy's been to the vet - I haven't been to my doctor's yet. Daisy being the kind, gentle creature that she is has agreed to share her medicine with me. (Nah, not really). She's definitely suffered more with her ear ache - poor thing shakes her head so violently I swear what little brain power she has is going to be rattled beyond use. At least she doesn't insist her meals get served to her in her bed!

Did manage to attend the class at church on Monday night - just about the only time I left the house all weekend. It's an interesting series about de-cluttering your house and mind. The "homework" is challenging - a different task or room to tackle each day. We're also supposed to each write down five "clutter busting" goals for each day and do our best to get them done. After only a few hours, I have filled the back of my car with items we're donating to charity. Just think of all I'll be able to manage at the end of the four week session! Life's so much easier when one's organized. Personally, I think the sewing room should act as a my "final exam". Now, THAT'S a challenge.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Great Slow Down

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, Tattoo Boy's birthday, and year-end processing at work, the activity slow down I'm experiencing is a welcome relief. Trouble is, I find it hard to get motivated to do any quilting. I'm content with examining fabric and cutting scraps into manageable sizes, looking at patterns and reading magazines.

Last night I loaded Tattoo Boy's University of Cincinnati quilt on the frame. I was satisfied with that, plus it was getting close to bedtime, so I didn't even start winding bobbins let alone do any sewing. Instead, I plowed my butt into the sofa, watched television and did a bit of cross stitching.

My path to physical improvement and spiritual growth in 2009 is not being ignored however. I did my Wii workout last night. Well aware that my Jillian Michaels' work out game is more of a challenge, but I got so little sleep the night before, I didn't want to totally wipe myself out.

I'm keeping up with the daily Bible readings too. I've found reading prior to breakfast when the house is quiet and no one else is around is the best time for that. My church gave all its members a new Bible broken down into daily readings with the goal being participants will have read the entire book by year's end. I'm proud of my on-going efforts with my faith.

Weigh in was bad last week - but then again nobody in our group lost anything over the holidays. I feel much more positive about the weigh in tomorrow since I've written down everything I've eaten this week and done a few work outs.

I haven't mentioned Michael for a while. Nothing new to report with him at present. He returns to the pulmonologist next Monday for his quarterly visit. The cold and damp air doesn't help his breathing, so he spends a lot of time indoors. He's had some nasty coughing spells, the latest being on Sunday night which was the cause of neither of us getting much sleep. At least his work schedule is such that he can take naps during the afternoon if he needs.

Well, the quilting bug will eventually return, have no fear.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Greetings from Cincinnati-Home of the Frozen Squirrels!

Even my poor squirrels dislike the cold, snowy days we've had lately. Fortunately, they still find corn and peanuts in our feeders in the back yard. Who can blame this little guy for staying in the jar as long as he can!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Freezing Rain and First 2009 Project

One would think that since I grew up in Northeast Ohio that I'd be used to dealing with the crap Mother Nature dishes out every winter. OK, I admit I get a bit tense with snow, but my Honda CRV handles that like a champion. Now, freezing rain - that's WHOLE other ballgame. It frightens me. Even four-wheel-on demand can't handle freshly fallen freezing rain. Yesterday, the roads and traffic were hideously awful thanks to a well-timed batch of freezing rain right before rush hour. Being the big chicken that I am, I waited for two hours before heading to the office. Gave the road crews a chance to work their magic and save wear/tear on my nerves. It worked. Hoping I won't have to use that approach for too many days this winter. But, that's what PTO time is for. I shouldn't be so leery of using it.

And GUESS WHAT? It's snowing! Florida sounds better and better. I should have stowed away in my mother's car when they left for Port Charlotte on Monday!

With my two extra hours at home yesterday, I took the opportunity to sew more of my son's UC quilt. I got all the strips pieced together and last night after work sewed all the strips together. I should be able to get the borders sewn on tonight. It won't be done for Tattoo Boy's birthday tomorrow, but he's not too worried about it. Once I get the borders on, I'll post a photo.

My friend Linda's son was involved in an accident - he was travelling with his college glee club when their van driver fell asleep at the wheel. Fortunately, Linda's boy is going to be OK - he may have a broken wrist. It could have been much worse. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

It looks like my 9 am appointment is a no-show, so I'd best get back to work.
Warm hugs,

Monday, January 5, 2009

Cleaning, Clearing and Catching a Few Zzzzzzzs

Is there any task out there that is more hated than packing away all the Christmas decor? My kids and I tackled that task on Saturday and with the exception of a few boxes of dishes and glassware, we got it done. The house looks so bare!

I'm on a mission in 2009 to simplify my life in many ways. That means less stuff. Already made one donation run on Saturday and the back seat of my car is filling up again. As I go throughout the house if I find something we aren't using, I'm tossing it into the car and it gets dropped off at the first charity box I pass. Last night, I tackled the closet in my sewing room and managed to pitch and reorganize. (Is there any reason I need four bags of poly-fill? How many blessed tote bags do I need?)

After an activity-filled Saturday, I felt really tired. Thus, I found myself taking a nap after church yesterday. Is that the height of laziness or what? Got little to no sewing done as a result since I promised myself some sewing time on Sunday afternoon since I was such a good girl on Saturday with all the cleaning/clearing. Self-sabotage that is!

Tattoo Boy peeked into the sewing room on Sunday night and asked what the University of Cincinnati quilt top was for. I confessed - it was for his birthday, which is this Thursday. Since it appears I won't get it done in time anyways, I let him know it was for him.

Speaking of Tattoo Boy, the photos from his Tae Kwon Do testing are available now. Here's a particularly good shot of him breaking through four concrete slabs:

Both he and his sister went back to school today, so things are returning to normal in our household.