Monday, January 5, 2009

Cleaning, Clearing and Catching a Few Zzzzzzzs

Is there any task out there that is more hated than packing away all the Christmas decor? My kids and I tackled that task on Saturday and with the exception of a few boxes of dishes and glassware, we got it done. The house looks so bare!

I'm on a mission in 2009 to simplify my life in many ways. That means less stuff. Already made one donation run on Saturday and the back seat of my car is filling up again. As I go throughout the house if I find something we aren't using, I'm tossing it into the car and it gets dropped off at the first charity box I pass. Last night, I tackled the closet in my sewing room and managed to pitch and reorganize. (Is there any reason I need four bags of poly-fill? How many blessed tote bags do I need?)

After an activity-filled Saturday, I felt really tired. Thus, I found myself taking a nap after church yesterday. Is that the height of laziness or what? Got little to no sewing done as a result since I promised myself some sewing time on Sunday afternoon since I was such a good girl on Saturday with all the cleaning/clearing. Self-sabotage that is!

Tattoo Boy peeked into the sewing room on Sunday night and asked what the University of Cincinnati quilt top was for. I confessed - it was for his birthday, which is this Thursday. Since it appears I won't get it done in time anyways, I let him know it was for him.

Speaking of Tattoo Boy, the photos from his Tae Kwon Do testing are available now. Here's a particularly good shot of him breaking through four concrete slabs:

Both he and his sister went back to school today, so things are returning to normal in our household.

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