Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where has the month gone?

Honestly, only three more days left in May? Wish I could report that I've been sewing up a storm, but that would be telling false tales.

My trip to Atlanta went well, but I didn't get to a quilt shop. During the three-day work trip, I left my room at 6:30 am and didn't return until 8:30 pm each day. I was B-E-A-T. Thought I'd be going through quilting/sewing withdrawals, but I brought a marvelous book with me to read - Quilters' Catalogue by Meg Cox. Kept me occupied at night and during the flight delays.

Want to guess what my house looked like when I returned home on Friday night? Well, if you imagine a kitchen filled with dirty dishes, laundry on the floor, and mail strewn on every flat surface, you are correct. By 10 that night, I had the kitchen tidied up. I have a "thing" for going to bed with a tidy kitchen. Or should I say I have a "thing" for waking up to a clean kitchen. My mother and her husband were going to visit us for weekend and were supposed to arrive around noon on Saturday. I took a lot of pleasure in rousing the "troops" at 7 on Saturday morning to help me clean and tidy. (That'll teach 'em - at least until the next business trip......)

We had a great visit with Mom. Took her out for dinner and a movie (Indiana Jones) on Saturday night, flea market and thrift store shopping on Sunday. She and Ken helped me plant the flowers I purchased on Monday before they left for home. Then, I did get some sewing done - horray!

My dear friend Carolyn's birthday is this Friday, so I started a lap quilt for her on Monday - Split Decision - making it with Debbie Mumm cat fabric. Last night I managed to get half of the borders done and should be able to get it loaded onto the frame by the end of the evening tonight. Carolyn will be out of the office until next Monday, so I have a few extra days to finish.

Crazy Smudge has been sticking to me like glue since I returned from Atlanta. I picked up a packet of catnip seeds on Sunday and before I had a chance to plant them, Smudge sniffed out the packet and ate the seeds! Ripped it open with his teeth and ate the stupid seeds!!!!And we wondered why he was bouncing around, meowing like a lunatic.

June's going to be a busy quilty month with the guild meeting, stash class, open house at my favorite store, and the NQA show in Columbus. So, stay tuned for news.....


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sick Kitty Cat and claims adjustors

Poor Smudge! He just wasn't himself - felt warm to the touch, wasn't eating, drinking water, didn't want held and hid from me. So, I mustered enough courage and faced the fear of an angry husband and took my cat to the vet for the second time in a week. The cat was dehydrated and the vet said the blood work from last week showed he had an infection somewhere. OK, folks, now remember Michael took the phone call from the vet who reportedly told him all the parameters were normal. At least that's what Michael told me. No way, the vet said, he told Michael the white cell count was elevated and to keep an eye on the cat. GRRRRRRRRRRRR! Smudge has an inflammatory intestinal disease - got a steroid shot and appeared to be himself again last night. Michael's really in the "dog house" over this one.

The claims adjustor showed up this afternoon to look at the damages done to our yard when the punk drove his car through my flower bed. Still have no clue what they're going to offer. I haven't touched that area of the yard since the accident. Still shouldn't I suppose since they may pay somebody to fix it right.

Not so much time for quilting, but I managed to get some fabric during my lunch break today. Does that count?


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just Wanna Sew

OK, I've had enough of this working for a living crap. I want to stay home all day and sew.

Whine time over with. LOL

Mom loved her Butterfly quilt that I made for her mother's day gift. In fact, when I phoned on Sunday, Ken said she was taking a nap, curled up with the new quilt.

My mother's day was uneventful but I did get to cut up a lot of fabric and sew a bit. Andrea made dinner for us and did a spectacular job. I guess she enjoyed it since she insisted on making dinner again last night. I had to pass on that request - didn't have enough daily points left over for homemade Skyline Chili. RATS!!!!! Somehow that sounds a lot better than a broiled chicken breast and a baked potato.

I'm firming up my presentation for some meetings I have to attend in Atlanta next week. The sales manager who is hosting the meetings knows I'm a quilter and his wife/office administrator is nutso about quilts too. So one night I'll get to visit an Atlanta area quilt shop with the wife. Afterwards, pizza and beer at their favorite place. Sounds like a great plan to me! Being there will be a nice break from the office and technically, it means seven days away from the cubicle if you count Memorial Day weekend in the mix. Hate the thought of leaving Andrea and Michael for four days though.

Stash Pot Pie class was fun. Three of the attendees had their April project completed. It's so interesting to see what others do with the same pattern - just different colour fabrics. Our new assignment for May is a variation on the Ohio Star. I LOVE IT! I have six of the 18 squares finished. The purpose of this class is to use your stash, but I keep buying faster than I can sew. Good God, there is NO hope for me, is there?

Well, back to the files, UGH.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday......

Yow! This has seemed like a long week in our household.

Smudge's on the road to recovery. The vet said his trials probably began when I changed his cat food over a month ago and it's taken his body this long to say, "hey, I don't like this stuff." So, I bought a bag of the ol' reliable cat food and a few cans of the wet stuff he likes. The new brand of cat food? I'll bring it to the office and somebody can take it home to their cats with less finicky tum tums. Meanwhile, Andrea and I have to force a syringe of anti-spasmodic medication down Smudge's throat twice a day. I'm so happy to have him feeling better - I missed his company in the sewing room.

Gina, you'll be pleased to know that I have completed the top of the quilt that is composed mostly of the fat quarters you sent to me. I'll have Michael snap a photo of it and get that to you. Michael absolutely adores this new quilt - says it's for him! That remains to be seen after the stunt he pulled on me yesterday.....The vet phoned the house and told Michael that Smudge's lab work was all OK. When I phoned Michael from work to see if the vet had called, he told me in a most sorrowful voice, the vet wants to see Smudge as soon as possible, he's really ill and needs to be "put down". Now, I ask you how cruel a joke is that?????!!! I won't mention to Michael that the vet cost more than the pulmonology appointment. He detests that cat.

Tomorrow is the monthly Stash Pot Pie class at Best Friends. I'm anxious to see what new pattern they have for us this month. I'd like to forget about weigh in before the class, but I should not skip that any more. Michael is going to a model train store and lunch with his best friend Martin. That's our Saturday mapped out in addition to the regular laundry, cleaning, etc......

Andrea insists she is going to cook dinner for me on Sunday. Taking bets now as to whether or not I have a functioning kitchen by that evening. LOL!

I'm happy to report that I have exceeded my hour of sewing/quilting every night this week.

Hope you all have a pleasant and enjoyable Mother's Day weekend.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fabric Hunt

Hey, quilt bloggers - I'm looking for a fabric to use in quilting that has black and tan dachshunds on it. Do you all know where I can find it? My aunt's birthday is coming up and she is nuts about her black and tan wiener dog, almost as much as we are about ours. I'd love to be able to make a lap quilt for her.

Tuesday just flew by - Michael's lungs are stable which is the best we can get - he will never get better. He's supposed to return in four months for a CAT scan and another check up. My car now has new brakes. Don't miss the screeching noises at all! Poor Smudge is still under the weather. The vet checked him over, took blood, gave us special cat food and medication for him. He still threw up. The blood tests should be back tomorrow and hopefully give us an answer as to why he's ralphing up all his food. Poor kitty.

I finished the binding on Mom's quilt and will get it in the mail tonight along with the four chicken placemats I made for her.

Continuing the challenge to get at least an hour's time of quilting in. Last night it took me nearly two hours to finish the binding. Tonight I want to work on the Stash Pot Pie assignment that is "due" this Saturday morning. I'm halfway done. After that, it's anybody's guess what I'll work on. One thing for sure: IT AIN'T FOR LACK OF STUFF TO DO!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday Tidings

Attended the quilt guild meeting after all last night since my car couldn't be repaired - the parts had to be ordered. We had a lecturer on machine quilting - she's done some fascinating work. I learned a lot and can only hope one of these days I'll be able to do one-tenth of what Julie Lambert does with her quilts! Check our her web site at Also glad I was there so I could sign up for the bus trip to the convention in Columbus next month. Saves me from driving there, finding a place to park, etc.....

Back to the car - the parts will be there this afternoon and I'll drop it off after leaving work early. Then, Michael's pulmonology appointment is at 3:45. I have a list of questions/concerns for the doctor. Then, I take the cat to the vet at 5. Busy day........ Sometime today I have to make time to finish the binding on Mom's butterfly quilt - it's half-way done.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Getting It Done One Quilt Top At A Time!

Hi all!
Since I posted about all my projects, I've quilted three of the tops that were on my list. I'm hand-binding the quilt that I pieced during the retreat a few weeks ago so I can get it mailed by Wednesday - it's a mother's day gift for my mum. The other top I finished were given to co-workers - a baby quilt and a lap quilt. OK -so they were small, but they're D-O-N-E!!!!

Also on tap is another top for next Saturday's Stash Pot Pie class. It's about half-way done and uses the fat quarters that Gina sent to me. I supplemented those with a few I already had, but I'm well pleased with it thus far. Yes, one of these day I will learn how to post photos!

I went shopping on Saturday - the first shop I tried was new to me near Kenwood Mall. A real disappointment - nothing new or different there and the staff member treated me little better than an unwelcome weed. I doubt if I go there again, but I did find binding clips there and a cute little purse pattern. The second shop was nearer my house in West Chester - Yarns and Fabrications. Been there before, but it has been a while. They were having a clearance sale, so I picked up a few yards of fabric to supplement my stash.

Unfortunately, I'm going to miss the guild meeting tonight probably since I have an appointment at 5 to have my car worked on. The brakes are making a horrible squealing noise and I thought it best to get them looked at.

DD decided to dye her hair this weekend after I finally relented. It's not bad actually, but it's taking me a while to get used to it. Her best friend's mom did a nice job. Oh well, it'll be gone in six weeks.

Michael has his semi-annual appointment with the pulmonologist tomorrow. I'm tagging along just to make sure Michael "hears" everything. He wants to tell the doctor the therapy did him no good, the inhaler doesn't work and the oxygen at night does nothing for him other than disturb his sleep. I can't tell the man a thing, but I'm hoping the doctor tells him in no uncertain terms that he needs the oxygen at night and WHY.

The other "man" in my life is also sick. Poor Smudge has been throwing up a lot the last few days. I'm taking him to the vet as soon as I can get an appointment for him. Poor kitty. He's not really happy that I've been keeping him out of the sewing room, but the last thing I need is for him to ralph on something I'm working on.

Since it is Cinco De Mayo a bunch of us are going out to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I haven't been there in ages, but have carefully planned how many chips I can eat and what salad to order (without sour cream) and still stay within my points for the day. Speaking of points, I managed to lose a pound last week - weigh in was good on Saturday. I probably won't stay for the Weight Watchers meeting next week because of Stash Pot Pie, but I will weigh in. I do best with that plan if I MAKE myself go once a week. I missed six weeks of meetings/weigh ins thanks to the England trip, getting sick and the retreat and it showed - I gained over two pounds. Doesn't sound like much does it, but when I think about all the work and effort that went into losing the 36 pounds I've lost, I coulda kicked myself. It's not all that tough to journal, but it's even easier to slide back into the old habits.

Have a great Monday!