Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday......

Yow! This has seemed like a long week in our household.

Smudge's on the road to recovery. The vet said his trials probably began when I changed his cat food over a month ago and it's taken his body this long to say, "hey, I don't like this stuff." So, I bought a bag of the ol' reliable cat food and a few cans of the wet stuff he likes. The new brand of cat food? I'll bring it to the office and somebody can take it home to their cats with less finicky tum tums. Meanwhile, Andrea and I have to force a syringe of anti-spasmodic medication down Smudge's throat twice a day. I'm so happy to have him feeling better - I missed his company in the sewing room.

Gina, you'll be pleased to know that I have completed the top of the quilt that is composed mostly of the fat quarters you sent to me. I'll have Michael snap a photo of it and get that to you. Michael absolutely adores this new quilt - says it's for him! That remains to be seen after the stunt he pulled on me yesterday.....The vet phoned the house and told Michael that Smudge's lab work was all OK. When I phoned Michael from work to see if the vet had called, he told me in a most sorrowful voice, the vet wants to see Smudge as soon as possible, he's really ill and needs to be "put down". Now, I ask you how cruel a joke is that?????!!! I won't mention to Michael that the vet cost more than the pulmonology appointment. He detests that cat.

Tomorrow is the monthly Stash Pot Pie class at Best Friends. I'm anxious to see what new pattern they have for us this month. I'd like to forget about weigh in before the class, but I should not skip that any more. Michael is going to a model train store and lunch with his best friend Martin. That's our Saturday mapped out in addition to the regular laundry, cleaning, etc......

Andrea insists she is going to cook dinner for me on Sunday. Taking bets now as to whether or not I have a functioning kitchen by that evening. LOL!

I'm happy to report that I have exceeded my hour of sewing/quilting every night this week.

Hope you all have a pleasant and enjoyable Mother's Day weekend.

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Gina said...

Ooh I can't wait to see the quilt.

Enjoy your saturday and good luck for tomorrow. LOL

love and hugs xxx