Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just Wanna Sew

OK, I've had enough of this working for a living crap. I want to stay home all day and sew.

Whine time over with. LOL

Mom loved her Butterfly quilt that I made for her mother's day gift. In fact, when I phoned on Sunday, Ken said she was taking a nap, curled up with the new quilt.

My mother's day was uneventful but I did get to cut up a lot of fabric and sew a bit. Andrea made dinner for us and did a spectacular job. I guess she enjoyed it since she insisted on making dinner again last night. I had to pass on that request - didn't have enough daily points left over for homemade Skyline Chili. RATS!!!!! Somehow that sounds a lot better than a broiled chicken breast and a baked potato.

I'm firming up my presentation for some meetings I have to attend in Atlanta next week. The sales manager who is hosting the meetings knows I'm a quilter and his wife/office administrator is nutso about quilts too. So one night I'll get to visit an Atlanta area quilt shop with the wife. Afterwards, pizza and beer at their favorite place. Sounds like a great plan to me! Being there will be a nice break from the office and technically, it means seven days away from the cubicle if you count Memorial Day weekend in the mix. Hate the thought of leaving Andrea and Michael for four days though.

Stash Pot Pie class was fun. Three of the attendees had their April project completed. It's so interesting to see what others do with the same pattern - just different colour fabrics. Our new assignment for May is a variation on the Ohio Star. I LOVE IT! I have six of the 18 squares finished. The purpose of this class is to use your stash, but I keep buying faster than I can sew. Good God, there is NO hope for me, is there?

Well, back to the files, UGH.

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