Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fabric Hunt

Hey, quilt bloggers - I'm looking for a fabric to use in quilting that has black and tan dachshunds on it. Do you all know where I can find it? My aunt's birthday is coming up and she is nuts about her black and tan wiener dog, almost as much as we are about ours. I'd love to be able to make a lap quilt for her.

Tuesday just flew by - Michael's lungs are stable which is the best we can get - he will never get better. He's supposed to return in four months for a CAT scan and another check up. My car now has new brakes. Don't miss the screeching noises at all! Poor Smudge is still under the weather. The vet checked him over, took blood, gave us special cat food and medication for him. He still threw up. The blood tests should be back tomorrow and hopefully give us an answer as to why he's ralphing up all his food. Poor kitty.

I finished the binding on Mom's quilt and will get it in the mail tonight along with the four chicken placemats I made for her.

Continuing the challenge to get at least an hour's time of quilting in. Last night it took me nearly two hours to finish the binding. Tonight I want to work on the Stash Pot Pie assignment that is "due" this Saturday morning. I'm halfway done. After that, it's anybody's guess what I'll work on. One thing for sure: IT AIN'T FOR LACK OF STUFF TO DO!



Gina said...

I'm glad that Michael isn't any worse.

I hope they get to the bottom of your furbaby's problem. It's worrying when they get ill as they can't tell you whats wrong.

love and hugs xxx

Carolyn a Ohioquilter said...

have you checked out click on search to see if you can find the fabric. Good luck