Monday, January 26, 2009

The Laundry Monster

Remember the clutter class I'm taking on Monday nights for the next three weeks? One of the major topics of discussion during last week's session was laundry. To be honest, I was relieved to learn other gals face the issue of clothing piles -clean and dirty. Part of the homework for this class involves making an action list of five items each day. I've listed laundry every day, but do you think I'm making any progress with this battle? Heck, no! Two loads of laundry are piled on my rocking chair, the washer and dryer are full, and the oldest "kid" (Michael) still insists on leaving his undies and filthy socks on the floor where he takes them off. How much effort does it take to pick them up and toss them into the clothes basket???? (Lazy husbands are a topic for ANOTHER day) But, what incentive can I give myself to complete the laundry task after each load gets popped out of the dryer?

Otherwise, I'm doing a splendid job of decluttering some areas of the house. Yet another load of "goodies" went to Goodwill on Saturday.

I finished quilting and binding a Valentine's Day lap quilt that I pieced for a class three years ago. My revelation: all my finished quilt tops don't do ANYBODY any good hanging in the closet in my sewing room. They deserve to be completed!

Today could also be titled doctor day. Michael returns to the pulmonologist and I have a six month mammogram - in follow up for the biopsy done last summer. At least it gets me out of the office early.

The weather's supposed to take a rapid turn for the worse tonight after midnight. Perhaps 4-6 inches of snow by tomorrow's rush hour. (What "fun" that will be!) Course, the weather-guessers could be wrong again. Our forecasted "dusting" of snow yesterday turned into two inches. Oh, to be able to stay home and watch the snow fall from the warmth of my kitchen! Have to admit, newfallen snow is pretty. Sort of like a big sheet of batting all over everything!


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