Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trying To Get Healthy

I suppose the town where we live should quarantine our house. Even our mini-dachshund is sick.

Michael was the first to feel poorly and is probably the biggest baby about it all. He started coughing and hacking on Saturday. By Monday I MADE him got to the doctor and we learned he had bronchitis. Bad enough, mind you, but on top of his pulmonary fibrosis, it's really knocked him down. Ever since Sunday, I've waited on him, serving his meals in bed even. No wonder I'm worn out and had to return to the office to get some rest!

The kids just have colds - they'll be fine. I have an ear infection, as does our dog, Daisy. Daisy's been to the vet - I haven't been to my doctor's yet. Daisy being the kind, gentle creature that she is has agreed to share her medicine with me. (Nah, not really). She's definitely suffered more with her ear ache - poor thing shakes her head so violently I swear what little brain power she has is going to be rattled beyond use. At least she doesn't insist her meals get served to her in her bed!

Did manage to attend the class at church on Monday night - just about the only time I left the house all weekend. It's an interesting series about de-cluttering your house and mind. The "homework" is challenging - a different task or room to tackle each day. We're also supposed to each write down five "clutter busting" goals for each day and do our best to get them done. After only a few hours, I have filled the back of my car with items we're donating to charity. Just think of all I'll be able to manage at the end of the four week session! Life's so much easier when one's organized. Personally, I think the sewing room should act as a my "final exam". Now, THAT'S a challenge.


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jillquilts said...

I hope that you are feeling better and Michael too so that you can get some rest! Your decluttering sounds like it is going well. If you need someone to take yor clutter from your sewing room, keep me in mind! I could use some clutter in that respect! Giggle!!