Thursday, February 28, 2008


After tripping over the power cord to my sewing machine for the umpteenth time, I got Michael into the sewing room to see what he could do about the lack of power outlets. When I get home from work tonight, we're going to move a few things around (the Grace frame, the sewing desk) and see if that makes better use of the existing outlets. At least the Pfaff's power cord won't be draped across the floor any longer. It may make more room for the frame as well since the carriage bumps into the wall where it is now.

Major disappointment at work today for not only myself, but all the employees. We get annual bonuses and '07 was a record-setting production year for our departments. For some reason, the board of directors voted in half of the bonuses we've received in previous years. I didn't exactly NEED the funds, but it would have created a savings cushion - something we've lived without for too darned long. Well, at least I'll be able to pay off some things with the funds I did get.

Michael went back to rehab today after admitting it was doing him some good. I think the oxygen at night is helping - he's not snoring nearly as much or as loud. Of course, he'll change his mind about all this within the next 48 hours - that's typical Michael.

Today reminds me of that scene from the movie "Perfect Storm" when George Clooney and his boat crew are in the middle of a storm and the sun comes out just for a few minutes, the sea is calm and their eyes are filled with hope. Here in real-life Cincinnati - the sun's out , but the snow clouds are gathering once again to the southwest. Or as a local DJ calls it, The Great White Death. Snow is a four-letter word.

Some co-workers and and I treated ourselves to a nice lunch at a small cafe in Greenhills called Riley's. There are two locations - Greenhills and Springdale. Nice place, homestyle cooking. I had a turkey burger which was out of this world! So, if you're ever in the area, try Riley's. Their desserts are spectacular and they're famous for a large cookie jar collection. At the table next to ours, was a group of gals - quilters! They had fabric and projects they were sharing, so I was real tempted to leave my co-workers and join the quilters.


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