Friday, February 1, 2008

Made It To Friday!

Well, the weather-guessers in Cincinnati goofed again! The freezing garbage they were calling for this morning did not materialize. Mind you, I'm thrilled not to have drive in it, but Andrea was quite bothered. I think she was counting on a day off or at least a delay for school. Poor thing is stressed - she has a speech to give in communications class this morning.

Speaking of stress - my doctor said that's the reason for the high blood pressure readings I've been experiencing. My blood pressure and tests were in excellent shape at the appointment yesterday. Dr. Peerless didn't want to put me on medication to lower the blood pressure, but keep an eye on things and let her know if the problems continue. Avoid stress, get lots of rest, exercise and I should be fine. She praised me a lot on my Weight Watchers accomplishments and to keep up the good work. Now, if I could just keep Michael from stressing me out. (that's NOT going to happen!)

Poor Michael had some emergency dental work done yesterday - a root canal and he has to return on Tuesday for some more work. He had an infection, so now he's on antibiotics too.

On the quilt front - I finished sewing all the strips for the Stash Pot Pie quilt and want to get them all sewn together tonight. So, I'll have my "homework" for class done a whole week early! )On Saturday - sew all the little sqaures for the Lizzy quilt. I must, must, must get those placemats done for Mom. When she was here last weekend, she bought chicken fabric to make placemats. It would be nice too to finish quilting a Valentines Day lap quilt I pieced together two years ago in time to use this year. After reading Jen's blog about her expertise on the Grace frame, I'm resolved to keep a project on the frame at all times until I'm caught up. I can still piece on the old machine. I have at least ten quilts that need to be finished. Anybody know of any batting sales?

Martin and Bev, our dear friends from Norwood, are coming to dinner on Saturday night. Michael is making Toad-in-the-Hole as the main course. I'm responsible for the dessert, so I'm making a WW recipe for Lemon Pie. It reads super easy and I'm in the mood for something lemony right now.

Y'all have a great weekend and stay in touch.


Jen said...

Cathy, Seriously go look at:

I went with the 80/20 that is 96" wide by 30 yards for $95. Ohio shipping is $17.50. That comes to $3.75 a yard and is dirt cheap if you've got that many ufo's to quilt. If my quilt is 66 inches wide & 90" long, I've only got to cut the batting at about 70 inches because I can open it up to use the width.

Moneik said...

Wow you will be busy this weekend. Good luck and have fun.

Beth said...

I wish you were close by! My lemon tree is GROANING with fresh lemons! I used to have a lady who came by and helped herself, but she has not been here in a couple years. You would NOT recognize Phoenix! It has just BOOMED the last couple of years...