Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Snow/Ice Day

Being the big chicken that I am, I did not even try go come in to work yesterday. The freezing rain and snow that hit us convinced me it wasn't a good idea for my nerves or blood pressure to join the crazies on the road. Well, I was the only one in my department who chose to take that route. I don't believe anybody criticized me for it, but I do feel somewhat guilty about it now. My friend, Diane, told me not to worry about it - that's what PTO days are for.

Anyways, I spent a decent amount of time cutting fabric and sewing together the strips for the latest Stash Pot Pie quilt. I know I have almost an entire month to get it finished, but once I'm inspired to work on something, it's folly to fight the urge. I have three more strips to combine and I'm ready to sew them all together. I'm not real "crazy" over the looks of this particular pattern - this quilt will probably be used for picnics and something to just keep us warm whilst we watch television.

Michael and I talked a bit about re-configuration of my sewing room. The frame takes up a good chunk of it and partially blocks the door. I told him when I'm on the retreat in April, he can "have at it" with the room since he's talking about knocking a wall down.

Since I had a day off, I accompanied Michael to his respiratory therapy session yesterday afternoon, only to find the facility closed due to weather. I don't think he was too upset about it being cancelled - only bothered by the fact that nobody phoned us to let us know they were closed. Michael was tired - got up at 3:30 to work at 5, worked until noon and then came home for the therapy session. Didn't help matters any that he was up until 11 th night before as well, big dummy. The company specializing in home oxygen is supposed to be at our house tomorrow evening to set Michael up with an evaluation. It seems that we're heading down a slippery slope with his lung issues and I'm worried that perhaps the statistics I read about longevity were factual. Then again, perhaps things won't look so bad once warmer weather is here. The cold always did bother him a lot.


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Suzan said...

What in the world is a "Pot Pie" quilt? Sounds intriguing!