Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Something So Simple

Positively itching to start something new, I looked at the new Nickel quilts book Michael gave me for Christmas. Selected the pattern and less than 40 minutes into the deal, I had two blocks completely done and 20 more half-done. I'm using University of Cincinnati logo fabric in combination with blacks and reds. The goal? My son's birthday is Jan. 8. I know it's going to be a real stretch, but if the little time spent last night is any indication, I should be able to complete it by then. If not - well there's always Christmas 2009.....Pat Speth titled this book appropriately - AMAZING NICKEL QUILTS. 'Cause I am truly amazed at how simple it is and how great I think it's going to turn out. Stay tuned........

Our family New Year's Eve tradition lives! After work tomorrow, we're going to the local Chinese buffet for our yearly feast. This year, Martin and Bev - our friends from Norwood - are joining us.

Funny Michael story: He had an appointment at 12:30 yesterday for his initial consultation regarding a sleep study our doctor recommended he have done. Over Christmas, I totally forgot about this coming up. So did Michael. I phoned him at work around 7 AM yesterday to remind him. Of course, he wasn't happy - going for doctor's appointments ranks REALLY low on his list of fun things to do. I also told him the paperwork with location, time, etc... was on the kitchen counter. AND I phoned him again at 10:30 when he was home to remind him of the appointment. All to no avail - the man slept through his appointment. He got tired after reading his railroad forum stuff on the internet, laid down and went to sleep! I imagine the staff at the sleep center are also having a good chuckle about this and it's probably not the first time it's happened.


jillquilts said...

OH, you are so lucky! I want the Amazing Nickel Quilts book! I guess that next year, I will have to be more specific again on my wants for teh holiday! I will have to just treat myself to this book.

LindaS said...

Cool! We'll have to compare notes on the book. Mine is on order. It's one of the things I bought with Christmas money I received from dear ole' Mom and Dad.