Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BIG Chicken Cathy

Gotta tell you that Andrea and I had a great time accompanying Jill to the Indianapolis Quilt Guild Show on Saturday. It felt marvelous just getting out of southwestern Ohio, if only for a few hours. Slowly, but surely, Andrea is appreciating my love for fabric and fiber arts and may even pick it up herself. At least she's showing an interest in it. She wanted to know why I hadn't entered a quilt in the show. Can't confess to her that I'm a big CHICKEN! I don't exactly relish the thought of a professional evaluating my sewing skills when I quilt just for the therapy and because I like giving my efforts away. (Cheaper than buying a gift!) Perhaps someday I'll get over that dread with Andrea's help and her choice of colours.

Finished attaching the binding to my boss' retirement quilt, quilted a twin sized piece I've had in my flimsy stack for over a year, got the binding attached to that. So I have two large quilts to hand sew. Good timing.......

Tomorrow's my surgery and I'm getting a bit nervous about it all finally. Despite having to ingest milk of magnesia periodically throughout the day, I am here at the office, desperately trying to finish as many of my files as possible. My mom and her husband will be here about 4 this afternoon. I'm extremely grateful for that support. Although I love my husband dearly, he's somewhat useless when it comes to loving care when I'm less than 100 percent. Smudge gives me more attention than he does! Why should tomorrow be any different? LOL

In a last ditch effort to convince Andrea that a tiny red border on her black and white quilt would definitely make it "pop", I showed the borders to her girlfriends and asked them to vote. I should have guessed - they sided with Andrea and wanted just a wide black border. Sigh!!!!!!!!

Well, I need to get to work, chickens. I'll post as soon as I can to let y'all know how things went.



jillquilts said...

I'm so glad that you and Andrea both enjoyed yourselves on our day trip! I had the best time!!

And I would not say that you are a chicken about entering something into a show. There are plenty of gals that we know in the sewing world who won't enter either. And the comments on my quilts didn't seem so bad, did they? I thought they were awesome!! :)

Andrea and I will just have to work on you a little more! LOL

Hope all goes well tomorrow! I'm sure that you will do fine!!! And enjoy that milk of magnesia!! LOL

Linda and Piwacket said...

I'm a fellow chicken. Birds of a feather really do flock together. I'm thinking about you!

Jennifer said...

Glad you enjoyed the show! It was good to see you and I only wish I had a little more time to spend with all of you. Hope that your surgery has gone well and you're on the road to recovery as I type this.

Cheryl Willis said...

just wanted to drop by and offer a note of encouragement! (for everything, the hosp stuff and the shows) be good