Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Down, But Not Out

Greetings from the Sick Ward in Mason, Ohio! Michael and I both came down with Miss Andrea's cold (She's so SWEET to share with us, isn't she?). I can't remember a time when a cold knocked me down as hard as this one has. Since Thursday night I haven't even turned on the lights in the sewing room! But, Michael is the one we worry about. He must be feeling poorly since he finally agreed to visit the doctor this afternoon. Fortunately was able to get him an appointment - tough to get with a lot of folks coming down with crud of one variety or another. That's one good thing about having a terminal lung disease - he gets an appointment no matter what! If he was still working at the dairy, he would have been exposed to a lot more viruses - another good thing about his retirement/disability.

Speaking of disability, we've tried for almost a week to get in touch with Social Security to give them Michael's national insurance number from the UK - it took three weeks to get that number from across the pond. Does it take SS that long to answer a phone message? I e-mailed our congressman's aide AGAIN and she was going to speak with the caseworker's supervisor.

No quilting, but I did fish out a couple of half-way done cross stitch projects to work on whilst recovering from the creeping crud. These will be good to work on after my surgery as well.

We postponed a dinner with Martin and Bev on Saturday night. Martin will just have to be patient and expect his birthday quilt next time we see them. They're going through rough times - Martin's been disabled for months and his doctors still don't know a diagnosis. He had to give up his car - couldn't afford it with no pay coming in. I'd hate to think that Martin's medical issues are going to cost him and Bev all that they've worked a lifetime to earn.

Other than feeling strange with this cold, I'm somewhat at loose ends since I missed church on Sunday. Attending service always sets me on a good path for the week. I'm not exactly wobbling around directionless, but off-center a bit. I'll get back on track soon!


jillquilts said...

I hope that you all feel better very soon and that Michael can get some good drugs to help him through the virus! Don't push yourself about quilting or anything until you are feeling better! That's an order! :)

Good luck with the SS# and that stuff. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that to work itself out!

Piwacket said...

Hugs to you, Cathy! Call or email me if you'd like me to pick something up for you. The weather today can't be helping the mood any either.

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Cathy, I hope you are feeling better real soon. My husband had it last month and he was real bad for 2 weeks. Get well soon, Fern