Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Day For Rambling

No particular topic in mind today; just a lot of stuff.........

My hysterectomy is finally booked for October 28 with pre-admission gooblety-gook scheduled October 22. The process to get this thing arranged has been a real challenge. If it's been that much frustration for me, imagine what it's like for those poor gals with no medical or insurance backgrounds.

I've had to re-arrange some things like the quilt class I had booked for October 31 in Fairborn. Cancelling it was easy enough, but I had to drive to the shop to get my refund. I'll have to keep my eyes open for the next time Julie Lambert has a basic machine quilting class in the area.

Well pleased with my quilting efforts - I loaded Martin's train quilt onto the frame, quilted it, got the binding attached and am nearly done with the handstitching. All since Sunday. It was funny how I worked - do a pass on the frame, run to the bedroom to watch football (Ravens vs. Browns), run back to the sewing room, do another pass - you get the idea. Perhaps I should get a television in the sewing room and my family would NEVER see me again.

With the colder, damp weather we've had, Michael's lungs are struggling. He's being so stubborn about using his oxygen. I make him take the machine wherever we go, but he won't use it. Not sure whether it's pride or he doesn't want to admit he has a problem. His days are spent working on his model railroad layouts, playing Scrabble on the computer, writing on the model railroad internet forums, making messes in the kitchen and moaning about the pets.

We finally got Michael's National Insurance number from England - Social Security wanted that number three weeks ago and we had to write to obtain it. Keep your fingers crossed that we'll have a positive answer soon about benefits.

Andrea's got a horrible cold, so we do our best to keep her away from Michael. I hesitate to think about what will happen if he does get the cold or flu. Miss Andrea is doing very well with her school work so far this year. She's preparing to take the PSAT exam in two weeks. Hard to think that my "baby" only has two years left in public education then it's off to college.

My other "baby", Tattoo Boy started back to class at UC last Wed. He's so pumped up about his art classes - metal sculpture using a welding torch. OMG! Better there than at home, I suppose.

After going to Jill's house last week, Andrea's been strongly suggesting that we need another dachshund to keep our Daisy company. (Thanks, Jill! - said with sarcasm LOL) The neighbors down the street have five dachshunds and one just had two puppies last Thursday. They are so adorable! And I've been watching the postings on dachshund rescue. Well, we shall see.....I know Michael will not be happy if another dog comes into the house. He's already said his goal is to outlive Daisy and Smudge so he knows what it's like to live in an animal-free house. Hate to tell him this, but I will always have a cat. (right, Linda?) A house just isn't a home without a kitty.



jillquilts said...

Oh man!! The little thing only had 2 puppies? it almost feels like a ripoff! :) giggle

Piwacket said...

Cathy, I think getting one of the puppies is a good idea, and you may as well get a kitten at the same time. They can grow up together! I'm so glad that you have some places to go to help you through your struggles. Whether that place is a blog, a friend's house, your sewing room, or your heart, God is there with you. Love you lots!