Monday, September 14, 2009

The Eyes Have IT!

Conjunctivitis that is! Ever since the middle of last week, I've been battling "pink eye" in both eyes. My co-workers convinced me it wasn't going to clear on its own, as I thought, and I went to the doctor late Friday afternoon. I'm now taking drops in both eyes four times a day and not permitted to wear my contact lenses until at least Wednesday. That creates difficulties for me - hard to sew, work on the computer, read reports at the office, etc. My glasses help a bit, but the prescription for those is years old. I usually only wear the things at night after taking my lenses out. Perhaps it's time to get another back-up pair with the correct strengths!

It was another "fun" week at the Howe residence. Michael decided that he was going to clean out the garage. Four days later, the garage is still a mess with all kinds of stuff he wants to discard sitting in the middle of the floor, trash everywhere,"monster" crickets hiding in the corners, and Michael gasping for oxygen every five minutes (refused to wear his portable oxygen tank - dummy!) So, I took charge on Sunday. Within an hour, all the refuse was at the curb, things organized, the floor swept and sprayed for crickets. I also played chauffeur for Andrea's various social activities on Saturday, including a drive at 11 pm to the local church festival. That girl has GOT to get a part-time job and her driver's license, so I can start worrying on a whole different plane! LOL

Met our new neighbors - they have four mini-dachshunds with more on the way. PUPPIES! - Andrea shrieked. "I want one!" Our cranky wiener dog would no more take to a lively puppy in the house than I'd want to clean up the puppy messes. We'll visit, oh and ah over the babies, but no more doggies for us!

I hunched over my sewing machine on Saturday and got a top all pieced - a simple log cabin quilt from Fons and Porter's latest issue of Simple Quilts. I must get the Mt Hood (nickel quilt) on the frame this week - it's for a birthday gift on October 3. Should have enough batting and backing material already at home, but believe it or not I'm getting to the end of the batting roll I purchased last year.

Since football season started again, I may pick up an old cross stitch pattern or two. Good to work on those or binding projects whilst watching a game. Although if I stitch during an Ohio State game, I'm likely to stab something . Or if I watch a Cincinnati Bengals game, I'll laugh too hard and end up with wonky stitches!

Speaking of that - wasn't that Bengals game a hoot? I could have laughed myself to death when the announcer on national television said, "And that's why they call them the Bungals." Oh, well, I should keep the merriment to a minimum since someday the Steelers may stink too! Payback from deprived Bengals fans, after all, is likely.


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BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Sorry to hear about your eyes! Hope it clears up quickly. Don't you already have enough on your plate? I'm keeping you and yours in my prayers.