Friday, April 1, 2011

New Challenges

Each week presents its own set of new challenges, especially with Michael's health. His legs/feet are so swollen from the congestive heart failure his doctor has decided to increase his Lasix at the peril of his already low blood pressure. It seems like we chase away one "demon" and another takes its place with these medications. Dr. Peerless has also prescribed another anti-biotic to combat the thrush that's creating so much discomfort in his mouth and throat.

Irregardless, these prescriptions are just for comfort and do not stop his heart failure and lung disease from worsening. It's just a matter of time.

Debbie, our Hospice nurse, said to expect it any time.

So, Andrea and I had a talk the other evening: What to do if you happen to check on Michael and don't get a response from him. Horrible thing to to discuss with an 18-year-old girl. But, the beautiful thing is, she understood and is displaying an unexpected amount of maturity with all this. She's trying her best to protect me.

As much as I'd like to hide in my sewing room, Andrea's not letting me. Every night after dinner, let's play a game, let's go pick up a few groceries, let's practice the driving, etc. A bit of that is healthy, but frankly last night I was tired and wanted nothing more than to sit in my recliner and finish some hand sewing. Eventually did, but by then it was 9:30 and almost time for bed.

The weekend is almost here and I will get a bit of a battery re-charge the next two days. Catch up on my sleep (maybe), get some sewing in (perhaps), clean/do laundry (will think about it) and take care of Michael (definitely). Michael wants a few thing re-organized in his bedroom, for which I may enlist Danny's help. I tidied up the room a bit last night in an effort to make things more reachable for him.

One has to remember his "universe" is limited to just the area around his hospital bed now. So we have to bring it to him - hence the doorbell he rings when he needs help. Once in a while, the doorbell goes off either because it's in his shirt pocket and he presses it accidentally or (as in last night at 10) sits on it. It causes quite a stir - Daisy, our dog, starts barking, the kittens scatter and Andrea races to the bedroom. It does the job!

I hope we all have a lovely, relaxing weekend.

Love ya, Cathy


Jennifer said...

Continued prayers for you and your family Cathy. I hope that you all have a "good" weekend and you get a little time to catch up on rest and sewing.

Moneik said...

Hope you have a good weekend and get some time to rejuvenate. My mom had thrush the last year as a result of radiation and the dr. recommended Biotene Mouthwash and she thought it helped. She also sucked on hard candies to keep her mouth moist. So glad you have Andrea to talk to. I'm sure it helps to have someone to visit with about the challenges you're both facing. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Cheryl Willis said...

we all deal with the process different, when my mother in law was passing we had a couple of weeks notice and had her at home. all the kids and grandkids visited daily. It was very peaceful.
I am thankful for the respit care providers we had that helped so much. on the last day the nurse was with us and we had assurance that mom was not in pain. I really think she was ready to go. So sorry that you have all this to bear. my prayers are with you