Monday, March 23, 2009

Do you think I'll get 'er done?

Five more days to the wedding and all that's left on the quilt is the hand sewing on the binding. No doubt in my mind! It will be done. And I'm already itching to get started on something else.

Weddings must be on my brain these days. An acquaintance of mine from Weight Watchers is getting married on April 10. All her girl friends are giving her advice about being married. Most of it's the usual stuff i.e. don't go to bed mad, find common activities, etc. The one that stuck out for me is "Always remember why you married him in the first place." It's so bloody easy to lose sight of that, isn't it? Admittedly, my spouse has changed little since we married seven years ago, save about thirty pounds more and rotten lung tissue. But he's still the funny, caring, talkative Man of Kent I fell in love with. I just didn't see losing him breath by breath this early in our relationship.

I'm making a list of the projects and items I need to take with me to the St. Jude's retreat next month. My goal is to be far better prepared this year than I was last. I want to have a lot of the fabric pre-cut and ready to sew. (No, I'm not smoking weird stuff.) At least I know what to expect this year - last year's retreat was the first quilting retreat I'd ever been on. I couldn't have selected a better group!

Tattoo Boy's winter quarter grades were spectacularly good. His worst grade was a C+ - the other four classes were A s! I cannot tell you how great this makes me feel. He's applied for his degree-granting program, so keep him in your prayers and thoughts. He is worried about his pitiful high school grades having too much of an impact on the college's decision. His advisor has said however, they put more emphasis on the college grades and experience though. Let's hope he's right.



jillquilts said...

Hooray for Tattoo Boy! I'm sure that you will be very well prepared for retreat! You did a great job in November! Now, I have to really get my butt in gear!

BTW - don't you have a Janome? What kind is it and did you get it around here? I'm about done with Bubba! Well, not Bubba, but the lack of service and support.

Piwacket said...

Yay! I'm so excited that you, Judy and I will be travel-mates on the retreat. We'll have to make a driving plan. I'll have to pick your brain about what you'd do differently compared to last year since this is my first retreat.