Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Top's Done!

I finished the borders on Miss Brigette's wedding quilt last night and hope to have enough time to pop by the shop tonight to get a backing for it. Eleven days to the wedding! My goal is to have the quilting done by the end of Saturday. Sure, it can be done as long as I don't get smacked with too many distractions.

Michael admitted to me on the phone this afternoon that he initially thought the portable oxygen would "be an instant cure" for his lung disease. He now knows differently and stated perhaps he pushed himself too hard at first thinking he would be able to return to his old style of life, walking, etc. Obviously that wasn't the case, he discovered he had to still take it easy even with the oxygen. I was proud that he was with me at the fitness club last night and was on the treadmill for a bit, all be it slow. Gotta start somewhere. And honestly, it's been a long time since Michael did any thing remotely similar to a work out. He has to stay active! I've also come to a conclusion that as long as he's moaning about something, there's still hope. The day that man stops complaining is destined to be his last on this earth! LOL.

A very wise man (my first boss in insurance) once told me that work is a means to an end. In other words, it's to provide for those items that are truly more important (family, faith, friends, fabric, etc.) When I keep that in mind, I can tolerate a lot more at the office. And if that doesn't work, I remember the "wise" words of another industry consultant I worked with: "Cathy, it's just f _ _ _ ing insurance! We're not curing cancer or establishing world peace. we're just selling f _ _ _ ing insurance." (still makes me laugh eight years after I heard it for the first time) Gotta laugh and find some bright spots when you have a VP who is hell-bent on creating as much chaos as possible.

Time to go home and prod the fabric!

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