Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Multi-Purpose Blog - The Latest From Across the Pond

OK, per Jen's statement (see previous post) I'll post my ramblings all in one spot. Quilting is an important part of my life, but it certainly isn't everything. Y'all can just speed read or ignore the bits about my blended family's comings and goings and just read the bits and bobs about my fabric life if you want. Your choice.

My husband is different in many ways - not just because he's English. At the wedding I mentioned in the last post, he cried during the ceremony. He's been known to cry at certain movies, but at a wedding where he didn't know anybody? Didn't realize why until later - the 28th should have been his daughter Lizzy's first wedding anniversary.

Should have been?

Poor Lizzy. Her husband of less than a year finally found a job that awarded him a sense of self-worth and some expendable income. Along with that came a female co-worker named Sarah. Chris quickly became infatuated with Sarah - went to pubs, parties, e-mailed her constantly when they were apart, etc. Lizzy begged Chris to give up what he claimed was only a friendship. He refused. Lizzy moved out.

Last weekend Lizzy went to their flat to pick up the last of her belongings. She discovered the furniture had been totally re-arranged, candles everywhere in the bedroom, sex toys scattered all over the flat, boxes of condoms on the bedside table, AND Sarah's clothes in the dresser Lizzy once used.

Gotta give the gal credit here - Lizzy picked up as many sealed condoms as she could find and marched up the street to where Chris worked. He saw her coming and ran outside to greet her. She gave him a greeting all-right! Shy, sensitive little Lizzy smacked Chris across the face as hard as she could and threw all the condoms at him. Clutching the red welt on his face, Chris' response to her was "I told you to give me back the key!"

Well, if Chris cannot see how wrong his actions are, then Lizzy is far better off without the heel. If not this co-worker, then perhaps another girl somewhere down the road. Lizzy's heart broken and we worry about her. Michael and I have offered to fly her to Ohio for a two-week holiday in May. Not much else we can do. But, my husband still frets.



jillquilts said...

How awful for Lizzie! I agree that he is a heel! Hopefully, she will take you up on your offer to fly here for a break.

Jen said...

Awww, poor Lizzie. I feel so bad for her. What a shitty situation. Maybe she needs a visit here to get away from the whole situation for a while.

Piwacket said...

I'm glad you're sharing here, Cathy. Does Lizzie need any of us to fly across the pond to kick Chris in the balls? I volunteer.