Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ginormous Struggle

I hate Wednesdays! Weight Watchers' weigh in is Wednesday at lunchtime.

Ever since I met my current husband, my weight has been a concern. It's a flippin' miracle the man even looked at me twice! He makes no bones about it (pun intended) that he is attracted to thin women. (think Calista Flockhart, here people) And to be honest, I don't like heaving about with extra baggage.

At my heaviest three years ago, I was under treatment for high blood pressure. I've managed to shed the pills, 35 pounds, and my blood pressure's in the normal range now, but I still have 30 more pounds to lose.....and.....I'm stuck. Been stuck for a long time.

Last week I literally went into a crying jag at the scales - I was UP 3.4. In the name of all that is holy, I had no clue WHY. Today, I'm down 3.6. I should be wahooing, high fiving, but I'm not. Because I know it's a struggle and this war will never be over.

At least I've won this battle.

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Piwacket said...


You are beautiful where you are now, although I know you don't believe it. So many of us struggle with those extra 10-40 pounds and plateau for no good reason. Hang in there. You have enough to deal with in your life right now without freaking out about your weight. Think about where you were and where you are now. That is progress to be celebrated!

P.S. How's Smudge?