Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Better Day

I suppose the shingles are getting better - my back's only felt like a knitting needle went through it four times this afternoon. The achey owey part is right along the bra line. Trust me when I say I have discovered a new use for mini-pads.

During dinner last night I mentioned to Michael that two of my quilting buddies had backed out of the retreat. Why did they drop out?" he asked. I explained to him their reasons which he promptly discounted.

Me: "OK smart guy, why did they drop out?"
Michael: "Because they didn't want to room with a shingles-ridden, diseased creature."

Ouch! That hurt! It's too bad that shingles aren't contagious or else I know the first person I'd like to give it to!

The rest of the evening wasn't much to write home about. I stayed out of my sewing room in favor of curling up on the bed with a quilt and Smudge. Nothing wrong with that. Smudge liked a bit of down time with his mum.

I ordered a kit from Connecting Threads today from their new Kyoto line. Hoping it will arrive in time to bring it to the retreat. No shortage of stuff to work on, trust me. I have a tote full of nickel squares and several patterns I want to attempt. That is in addition to the smaller projects and classes which are being offered at the retreat. At the Lebanon quilt show I picked up a "cheater" block of Bible verses and symbols which I thought my mom would like. I'll select some fabric to go with it and hope my fellow quilters can give me some ideas on how to finish it up, 'cause I sure don't have a clue.

AND, it's tax day. Guess what Tattoo Boy is doing?


Jamie said...

Glad you are feeling better!!!

Fyi though... Shingles is highly contagious, it is more or less the same as chicken pox. Least that is what I have always been told, and being in the medical field we have always been told to gown up while working with patients who have it.

Piwacket said...

Okay, Cathy. You heard Jamie. So while I'm in the car with you and sleeping in the same room as you, no nudity! I don't care if you generally do sew naked, not on this retreat, you don't! (giggle)

Jen said...

I dunno, I googled it and as long as u r scaby were ok. I figure if my mom had it....forever and I didn't get it, I'm good to go. I agree with Linda, I don't care how much you like to sew nude...I'm not gonna tolerate it!!

jillquilts said...

Ditto no nudity. That's why its a no alcohol event. Giggle. And I agree with Jamie about it being contagious. Altho I think Jen is right too about it scabbing up. You should be ok by next Friday.