Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hopelessly Addicted

One would think that after a weekend of sheer quilt gluttony, I would be satisfied with not heading into the quilt shops for at least a week. (Think evil laugh here folks!) I found myself needing an escape at lunchtime today so I headed over to Best Friends. I picked up a Very Badly purse kit since Linda kindly offered to help if I needed assistance putting this bag together. Then, my eye rested on a Layer Cake quilt sample. I HAD to have that pattern - it looked so simple and I was searching for an easy pattern to whip up a couple of twin-sized quilts in 2 and 1/2 weeks. (Yes, I am out of my mind!) If Michael protests, I will tell him EVERYBODY at the retreat had a hand-made quilted bag but his poor disadvantaged spouse and the quilts are for his daughters to use when they visit next month.

I had an ulterior motive for going to Best Friends - to avoid Weight Watchers weigh-in this week. (Hiding my head in shame..) But I will get back on the program starting now!

Mistake number one this week was letting Mr. Michael go to the pulmonologist all by himself on Monday. (I couldn't get the time off work) Apparently, the doctor ordered another CT scan for July. Depending on the disease progression at that time, Michael may be referred to an experimental program. That went over like a lead balloon with mister- I- don't- want- to- be- a- guinea- pig- for- anybody. My reasoning is this: there's nothing that can cure pulmonary fibrosis, so why not try something that possibly could? I'll find out more about it.....

The news from across the pond? Three of Michael's four children are coming here on May 15 for a two week visit. You want to hear a nightmare of a story associated with their plane tickets? Michael's ex-wife (Margaret) wanted to book the ticket for son Trevor as a birthday gift. Meanwhile, Lizzy split from her spouse and was all depressed, so I offered to pay for her ticket to come over here with Trevor. THEN, Leah borrows money so she can visit as well. No problemo - we can find the room. BUT, Margaret takes it upon herself to book the worst tickets in the cosmos for those kids. She had Trevor and Lizzy flying into Kennedy Airport from Manchester, England transferring by lord knows what to LaGuardia for a flight to Atlanta, THEN to Cincinnati. A total of 28 hours straight on the road including a nine hour layover in Atlanta. (Remember, these are not seasoned travellers and dealing with transportation in New York would frighten Liz to death!) Leah, she booked on a separate itinerary, leaving England nine hours AFTER Trev and Liz, but arriving two hours before they do! The woman was bloody crackers! The travel agency she booked the flights through refused to refund the money and wanted to charge her an extra $150 per ticket to re-book. Michael's son in law and oldest daughter fought to get a refund or some assistance from the company, but was turned down flat. Ends up, Margaret bought three new tickets, costing less, somewhere else and is going to eat the loss from the first set of tickets. Michael always told me she was bad with money! But in all fairness, I think the travel agency took advantage of her ignorance.

DD (Andrea) hasn't begged to start her driving experience, but did ask if we could start this weekend. There goes my nerves again!


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Jen said...

Cathy cause I can hear you saying this post I am cracking up!! So after they use the quilts are you letting them take them home with them?