Monday, April 13, 2009

Not a Quiet Easter Weekend

Finally convinced Michael to see our doctor since it was obvious to me that he didn't have just a garden variety cold. Even colds can knock him flat with his pulmonary fibrosis. So, now he's taking three different medications, on oxygen and refuses to use the nebulizer. Is there any other more stubborn man on the planet? I ran out to the grocery store to get a few things on Thursday night and by the time I returned, Michael had puked up all his dinner and medication, and was sitting in bed devouring a Klondike bar. (Sorry about the graphic description!) He forgot to flush the toilet and I went bonkers with the disinfectant.

Meanwhile, it was my daughter's 16th birthday and we still had the sleepover since we kept Michael confined to the bedroom and the girls stayed in the family room and kitchen. The girls were still sleeping when I left the house for an hour on Friday morning.

I wouldn't have left, but I had an appointment with a counselor to talk about Michael's terminal illness and how badly I seem to be coping with all of it lately. I know Michael wanted me to see our doctor, but I don't think a family practitioner is equipped/trained to handle situations similar to ours. So, if you think I'm weak, I'm sorry. But, I believe it took strength to seek help. And I'm praying it will help me cope through this and what's to come. The counselor gave me a couple of areas to work on - one being exercise. The other was when Michael does stuff like leaving his garbage all over the floor, not flushing the toilet and wants us to do things he's capable of doing, I'm to speak firmly and softly and say,"Michael this is unacceptable." Well, after three "unacceptable" conversations on Sunday, he stormed, "What is this unacceptable crap?"

With Michael feeling a bit better and sleeping (finally) I got some sewing done on late Saturday afternoon. Then I managed to escape to the sewing room again yesterday afternoon to cut some more five inch squares.

I met my brother and his wife for church yesterday morning. Can't tell you how wonderful it was to attend church with part of my family. (I usually go alone.) It was a beautiful Easter service.

So, that's my weekend. Not filled with quilting and sewing. I feel like I've returned to this office to escape home for a few hours. Andrea's off school all this week. It's just too bad we couldn't do something fun.


Jen said...

Cathy, I think its great that you not only recognized you needed help with the situation but that you also realized your family MD wasn't the answer. I hope retreat gets to be relaxing for you!

Michele said...

You did the right thing for yourself. Unfortunately, I can empathize to a degree. My dad refused to take care of himself, and it drove my mother crazy.