Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Ramblings of a Mad Quilter

My fabric acquisition skills were getting rusty, so I popped into a local quilt shop yesterday during my lunch break. Who wouldn't rather fondle fabric than eat? I realize it has been months since I set foot in this shop, but for nobody to greet me, ask me if I needed help, etc. was somewhat of puzzle to me. Maybe they were having a challenging day like mine.

One bit of good news brightened my outlook considerably. Tattoo Boy has been accepted for the university's art school beginning fall quarter. Thank you, Lord!!! We will take him out for dinner soon to celebrate as soon as we can find a date when he's not A. working, B. teaching Tae Kwon Do class, C. working out at the gym or D. eating everything that's not nailed down in my fridge.

Michael's lung condition has deteriorated to the point where he needs oxygen most of the time. However, it hasn't affected his ability to leave nasty notes on the kitchen waxboard about the pets or the state of HIS office. There is nothing finer than going into the kitchen and reading a list of complaints first thing in the morning. I'm being sarcastic here, folks. The PURPOSE of the waxboard is to create grocery lists and communicate. Well, since the kids and I have cell phones, we don't use the waxboard for communication anymore. Except Michael. I may ban him from using the board.

Seriously, I am at a loss with that man at times. I know he's not physically able to do as much as in years past and that vexes him greatly. But there are things he CAN do and he won't. And if I don't do them for him, well, that creates moaning from him and guilty feelings on my part.

No plans for the weekend other than the normal cleaning, laundry, etc. - trying to catch up on the household chores so I won't find a waxboard note for a while.


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