Monday, April 20, 2009

Looking For Help!

I'm looking for an easy pattern for a quilted checkbook cover. If any of you peeps coming to retreat have that and can share it with me, I'd greatly appreciate it. Here's the story behind it: Last week one of my co-workers asked me if I knew how to make these. She wanted something to distinguish her checkbook from her mother's checkbook. Her mom was ill, so she had assumed responsibility for the mom's banking, bill paying, etc. I told her I would look into it. Sadly, her mom passed away yesterday morning. I know it's not much, but I would like to get this small gift done for her.

Well, I've finished all the medication my doctor prescribed, but the shingles are still there. Feels like a rug burn at present which is infinitely better than the sharp stabbing pain from last week. Just wish my energy level would recover.

Spent much of the weekend getting ready for the floor refinishers - packed up china, tossed stuff into baskets and shoved stuff wherever I could. The contractors showed up this morning and after 90 minutes of work, showed me how beautiful that floor is going to look. OMG! If I didn't know any better, I'd swear they were installing all new wood. But, oh my the dust! Even with the floor to ceiling plastic walls, you can still feel the dust in the house. At least the house will have received a good thorough cleaning when this is all over with. Michael's holed up in our bedroom, sealed off from the work, so I don't think he'll be affected too much by it.

Went to a small quilt shop in Trenton on Saturday for their fat quarter frenzy sale. Picked up a few quarters and a piece of fabric on sale that will go nicely with the "cheater" panel I bought for Mom at the Lebanon show. My parcel from Connecting Threads arrived on Friday. I've already cut the fabric from the kit, so I'm ready to sew first thing at the retreat. And since I had some time to spare this morning, I started cutting the fabric for a quilt Andrea wants. Then, picked up some cute pieces at Joann's yesterday for pillowcases, plus the ribbon I need for Jen's project. So, I'm very well stocked for the weekend, thank you very much! Especially when you consider all the 5" squares and 2 and 1/2" strips I'm bringing.

Good thing I'll be getting a ton of sewing done this weekend since I can't get into my sewing room until at least Wednesday.

Andrea and I have dentist appointments this afternoon. Yuch! At least it gets me out of the office early. Tattoo Boy has agreed to let the floor contractor into the house tomorrow morning, so I won't miss time tomorrow. Time wise, this is going to be a crazy week. Late to work on Wednesday, no work at all on Thursday and Friday.



Jamie said...

Oh man, I wish I would have known that little shop in Trenton was having a FQ sale, I just bought a couple at Joanns' which I wasn't overly excited about, but I'm wanting to get this "blue" quilt together and done for my son. Do they have a website? When is the Lebanon show?

Anyways, I'm glad that you are feeling a little better and I hope your floors turn out beautiful!!! I need to have mine done.

Moneik said...

They way I make my checkbook covers is to use a piece 7"x28" and put a piece of heavy interfacing (decor bond works well) on the back side, fold in half so you have a 7x14" piece righ sides together, sew around all edges, leaving a small hole (2-3") in the center of one of the 14" sides to turn, use a scant 1/4" seam. Turn, press, fold up the 7" ends to the center 3" on each side and do a narrow 1/8" or less topstich across both sides which are now 8" approx, this encloses the hole where you turned, and holds both sides up. Hope that works for you. Sometimes I play with the demensions, but i don't use batting as the one I did with batting and quilting was too fat.

Jen said...

Moneik is the wizard! Otherwise I can fumble through the wonder wallet pattern and adapt it to a checkbook.

Are you shopb hppping with us on thurss?

Piwacket said...

I've never made one, but here's a link to free instructions online. You could print them out and take them on retreat, or use Moneik's directions. (I always need visual aides and couldn't alter a pattern if my life depended on it).