Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No Title Comes To Mind- Hodge Podge Post

Thanks to Monique and Linda, I have some ideas about the quilted checkbook cover. Should be something easy to work on.

DH is freaking out about the job the floor refinishers have done. We're not supposed to walk on the floor until tomorrow morning and not move any furniture until Thursday morning. The workers left an invoice at the house for $200 more than was quoted also. So Michael had words with the owner. Ends up, the floor's only getting the two coats it has now - no more and we are not paying the entire bill. Michael feels the firm did us wrong by using products that required more than 24 hours of dry-time. He told the owner again about his lung condition, the dry-time issue, and the shoddy clean-up. The owner denies Michael discussed all this with him when the quote was done. Sorry, but we mentioned it to all three firms that quoted the job. We wish now we had gone with the more expensive/national business quote. But, it's done.At least the floor looks nice. I have Thursday off and can start moving things then. The kids may have to sleep in the family room tonight since their bedrooms are at the far end of the house beyond the floor job. I think Michael's having an easier time breathing today, so perhaps yesterday was the worst for fumes and dust.

Friday cannot come fast enough. I sorely need this retreat since I cannot remember the last time I turned on my sewing machine! My goal is to at least get the fabric cut for Andrea's black and white quilt before Friday. Good thing I pulled all that stuff out of the sewing room before the floor work was started! I won't be able to get into the sewing room until Thursday.

With the kitchen being all topsy-turvey, we went to Olive Garden for dinner last night. Yum! I spent an hour working out afterwards, but it was well worth it. I'll attempt to fix a meal in our kitchen tonight - it'll have to be something simple.


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Piwacket said...

We're going to have a great time, girlfriend. You're right...WE NEED THIS! We had our floors refinished 25 years ago and although it looked beautiful, it was a nightmare getting through all the process. Can't imagine what it would have been like with a lung condition as well. I won't even go into the time we had to have a basement waterproofed with concrete dust floating throughout the house for days and the sound of jackhammers constantly. Love you and see you soon!