Monday, July 20, 2009

Wake Me Up!

Despite working out this morning at the gym, I'm having a devil of a time keeping awake at the office. Complete lack of motivation. Good thing the boss isn't here yet! LOL

I thoroughly enjoyed Stash Pot Pie class on Saturday morning at Best Friends. Many of the same people from last year's sessions were there. I didn't have last month's project to display, but I did have Michael's train quilt for Show Off and Tell:

Got to visit a bit with Jill and Linda who were both working at the shop. After class, I didn't stick around too much - who can resist buying more fabric in that place? I avoided the temptation by going home!

Talk about frustration! I went to the grocery store that afternoon, shoved all the bags into the car and discovered the lock on the back door was wonky - it wouldn't latch and the screws holding the locking apparatus were loose and nearly falling out. I had to phone Michael to bring a Phillip's head screw driver and help me try to fix the lock before all the meat and frozen stuff went back. (Thanks goodness it's not been hot here lately!) So, that was my "challenge" for the weekend. Nothing was lost, fortunately. Groceries are far too expensive to have to toss out!

Andrea and I took Michael to see the Harry Potter film and he was well pleased. Said it was the best HP film yet!

On Sunday I started the blocks for the SPP assignment for this month. It's one of those things that once you start, it's hard to stop working on it. The pattern requires you to slice the blocks into quadrants and then re-arrange the quadrants. Definitely a fun project.

It's truly amazing how much better Michael's been doing since he stopped working. His demeanor has done a complete turn-around. Don't get me wrong - he's still a crusty, opinionated, stubborn "git". But, he's happy. Nobody's making any demands on him or his time. Practically the entire weekend, he was in the train room working on the models and listening to music. He struggles for breath whenever he walks anywhere, but he refuses to wear his oxygen for those times.

One more month until school starts again and I can reclaim the family room! Andrea camps out in that room all day long and night too when she hosts one of her frequent sleep-overs.

Have a great Monday and I'll try my best to wake up a bit!


jillquilts said...

Awesome quilt!! I'm glad that Michael likes it! Breakfast was awesome and we will have to do that again before the next class! Very enjoyable! :)

I hope to see HP this weekend! I was just too unmotivated yesterday to even watch the last one. At least I got through 2 more bags of scraps!

Bonnie Hunter - here we come!!

animal lover, quilt lover said...

How are you sleeping at night? Not getting enough? Well I hope you woke up before the boss came to work. Come to see me on my blog when you have the time.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I'm so glad things are better for your husband, which in turn makes things better for you. The quilt is wonderful! Way to go.....

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