Monday, July 27, 2009

What a Bargain!

Michael and I like going to the local thrift shops from time to time just for fun. We've found some great bargains there occasionally. Like Saturday. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a Huskylock serger in a carrier bag for $20! The cords were all there and the machine looked in pretty good shape except for a lot of lint - obvious the previous owner used it. Even though I've never used a serger before, I snatched it up. Michael found a website where we can order an owner's manual. Andrea used a serger in her theatre class last fall - to make outfits for the play. Once she returns home from her mini-vacation I'm hoping she'll show some interest in using it.

My devious streak is continuing - Michael's done nothing but sit at the computer, sit whilst working on his model trains, sit for meals, etc. (you get the picture) So I used the trip to the thrift shops and IKEA as a means to get him moving. Not necessarily to make any purchases. We did a lot of slow walking - he used his oxygen, but still struggled at times.

As planned, did a lot of cleaning this weekend around the house. Also made time for sewing but not until Sunday afternoon. I pieced together all 30 blocks for the Stash Pot Pie class assignment and got the border half done when I realized I didn't have enough fabric for the second border! This means a road trip to the shop at lunchtime. Started working on a scrappy bag for my clothespins as the sparrows have ruined the two bags I had on the clothesline with their nests.

Did you ever feel like God is discreetly trying to tell you something or spur you into action on specific item? This morning at 6am, I ran into Pastor Tom at the gym! He remembered my e-mail from last week and promised we would get together soon. You can't convince me that there wasn't some "guidance" in creating that meeting, as brief as it was.



Piwacket said...

I'm amazed that with as much time Michael spends at the computer he doesn't read your blog. Mine almost never read mine either, even though he was almost always at the computer. Men are so self-involved! I'm glad you're having some fun together, and what a great buy on the serger!

Cindy said...

Wow what a great deal on the serger. It sounds like for now things are calming down some so that is a wonderful thing. You just keep hanging in there. Remember you have all of our support.

Tina said...

Great bargains you find! What Thrift Shops do you go to? I am wanting to find some good ones in the area.