Monday, March 1, 2010

March Comes In Like A Lion.....

Happy First of March! Can Spring be far away?

I'd like to know why the weekends go so fast. Seems like I blinked and I'm back at the office again.

Perhaps it has something to do with how busy I tend to get over the weekend. Saturday found me spending time with good pal Linda at Fabric Shack and then having lunch with her at the Pioneer Restaurant. Linda's favorite Amish shop was unfortunately closed for winter - thus creating a great excuse for us to make the trip together when the weather is warmer. I found some wonderful fabric for borders on my Civil War fabric/layer cake quilt, enough fabric for a few pillow cases and for the heck of it more fabric I just liked and will eventually do something with. Also, picked up a neat little pattern for totes made with Charm Squares.

Once I said bye-bye to Linda, Andrea hijacked me and we were off to the grocery store with a side trip to Chipotle so Andrea could have her "fix".

After attending an information meeting on Sunday, I've decided to sign up for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. It'll take two hours of my time every Friday evening between now and June, but if my learning is as valued as promised, it will be well worth my time. One of the reasons I want to take this class is to learn what I need to do to thrive financially on my own. Michael won't be with me much longer and we may never see any assistance from Social Security the way things are going. (Paperwork's in England with their worker's assistance office - no way of knowing when they'll get done.)

In between the shopping and church, I managed to get some sewing done. I'd pieced over 20 blocks for the quilt-as-you go pattern and realized I wouldn't have enough of one of the main fabrics. Got on line and found a store in Michigan that still had it in stock so I ordered two yards. Once I'd reached a stopping point with the quilt-as-you go piece, I picked up the Civil War blocks and got them all pieced together -ready for the borders. I have no clue how I'm going to quilt this one. Once I get my camera back from Tattoo Boy, I'll post a photo of this project for input on quilting ideas.

I mentioned Michael in the paragraph before last. For those who are interested, his health continues to deteriorate. He refuses to see any doctor despite the left arm pain and chest pain he's experiencing. He doesn't leave the house except for our once a week treat - a meal at a local restaurant. Then, and other times, it takes him a good ten minutes to catch his breath after slowly walking ten yards. He's on oxygen 24/7 (even in the shower) and had to boost the pressure. Most of the time he's in a good mood. But, yesterday he mentioned that he's frightened of dying alone. To him, that is THE end. He continues to be hard-hearted about faith and may never change. That, more than anything, troubles me. It is HIS choice, but I continue to pray and seek guidance.

Andrea has three more days of winter quarter classes. She is ecstatic about gym coming to an end. Her schedule for spring quarter is packed, but she's looking forward to those classes. Next on the list: get driver's ed out of the way.

I rarely hear from Tattoo Boy - except when he needs something like last Friday. He was searching for a bicycle he could tear up and use for another art project. Andrea obliged by selling him her old bike for $10. Hoping that TB gets his cell phone back amongst the living so I can get in touch with him more often.

TB's old room has been empty for a few weeks now and I've made some tentative decisions about fixing it back up into a guest room. For one thing, it's in dire need of a paint job and I don't know what TB did with the curtains that were in there. I suspect he tossed them out. I'd like to paint the walls a sand colour and use blue/gray, light brown fabrics in the bedding and curtains. Will probably get around to all this in a few months. We won't have guests for a while at any rate.




BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Sounds like you and Linda had a great time. Glad you two have one another! Nothing better than a great girlfriend to hang with. Have a great week, Cathy!

Moneik said...

It's always so fun to go with a friend to a quilt shop. I loved Fabric Shack when I was there! I'm glad to hear you and Linda had such a good time. You're making me jealous with the Chipotle reference though. When we get to the cities we always try to hit one up, since we don't have one here. Good luck with the guest room, it's always fun to change things.

Jennifer said...

Cute picture! Glad to hear you and Linda had a good trip to Waynesville...sorry to hear about Michael's continuing deteriorating health. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family as you go through this tough time.

Linda and Piwacket said...

I love your March picture! We had a good time and I loved being with you. To have someone that we can honestly talk things over with, share a meal, a laugh and shopping....what a blessing! I'm so proud of you for signing up for FPU. You're a good wife and mother, Cathy. Love you lots!

willson said...

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