Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tender Mercies

Thank you to all of you who have contacted me regarding recent events. Through the grace of God, things appear to be getting better for my DD. She has a test today at school that's giving her some anxiety, so keep her in your thoughts and prayers. My darling girl has too much to handle right now in addition to all the regular teen-age struggles.

DD and I spent some time last night after dinner putting together one of the bookshelf units we purchased from Ikea. Not too much of a struggle and we managed to keep Michael out of the room. Involving him would have created a lot more stress for us gals. I doubt if we get any more of the Ikea stuff put together tonight as "Avatar" is being released today and I'm under "orders" to get a copy with the extra features on it.

After we celebrated our building success, I managed ten minutes in the sewing room without any guilt! Our quilting group at church was asked to create some potholders and hot pads for the kitchen/parlor, so I worked on my kit. Quick work - ready for the binding. An e-mail from Sew-Ez described another quilt show in South Lebanon this year, further cementing my decision NOT to attend the national show in Columbus this June. With the show in South Lebanon and the expo in Sharonville in late June, I'll have more than adequate exposure to finished quilts and vendors. I do not want to be away from home for a solid day, so the upcoming local shows are a God-send to satisfy my "addiction".

So, there are some more bright spots presently and on the horizon.....back to the tougher issues....

I need to convince Mr. Michael that some of his behaviors are rather selfish. For instance he watched television until 1:30 am in our bedroom when I tried to sleep (have to get up at 5:30 for work) Four hours of sleep just isn't enough. The ear plugs don't blot out all the noise and the light from the television isn't a help either. Michael stated he didn't see how it was a problem??? Perhaps I should turn on some lights and make noise in the bedroom when I get up every morning whilst HE tries to sleep. Nah, that's not in my nature. I hate the thought of sleeping in another location, but I may have to start doing that. Between his horrible snoring/breathing noises/coughing and television viewing I haven't had a solid night's sleep in weeks. If he has a pulmonary episode in the middle of the night, there is NOTHING I can do for him if I were in the room. But he thinks my presence is a comfort. I fail to see how a bleary-eyed, sleep deprived woman is a comfort!

Despite Michael's insistence he does not want Hospice involvement, I have called our family doctor for a reference. If anything, Andrea and I can use their family support services at this point.

Other things going on with our house: roof installation if the insurance company cooperates and a window replacement if Home Depot follows through on the guarantee. I'm into week six of Financial Peace University and have paid one charge card off and am in a position to pay the remaining two off by mid-May. Debt-free except for the mortgage. Won't that be wonderful!

Keep us in your prayers!

Love ya,


jillquilts said...

Oh, what a relief about the June show!! I didn't want to back out on you if you were really looking forward to a day away!! :)

If you want company for the other 2, just holler and I will be there!

And a BIG PAT on the back for paying off the credit card! I'm sure that will be a huge relief!!

Linda and Piwacket said...

I cannot be more thrilled for you regarding Financial Peace University. Things at my end are still out of my control, but I hope to tackle the course eventually. Regarding Andrea, you are both in my constant prayers. You're doing all the right things, mom. As for Michael...I think it's time you take over another bedroom if he insists on being inconsiderate. He just doesn't get it, does he?