Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Bit Of Sewing

Even fifteen minutes of sewing makes a huge difference! I managed to sneak away and stitch up three scarves my mom asked me to create for her. The hand-stitching needs to be done, but not bad at all for only 15 minutes.

My poor sewing room is such a disaster! I have Buckeye Bouquet squares stacked in one area, Winnie The Pooh squares on top of a half-finished Log Cabin. AND 18 half-complete squares for a Thimbleberries quilt for a wedding gift due March 3. I won't even mention the project for my church's quilting club - that's neatly tucked away in a tote bag. God created doors for a reason, so I cheerfully closed the door on my sewing room, the mess out of sight for now. SIGH!

Miss Milly is recovering from her operation and is quickly returning to her typical kitty behavior. I have to give her medicine twice a day which is rather challenging. The vet gave us pre-loaded syringes, very helpful.

So, for the time being, I'm the resident medicine dispenser gal at our house. At least I don't have to prop Michael's jaw open to slide his pills down his throat. LOL! He's a lot more willing patient than Milly is!

Yesterday was "Nursy" day for Michael. The hospice nurse paid her weekly visit and promptly ordered Michael a different oxygen concentrator. That thing is so noisy - it scares the kittens. What concerned me is the fact Michael was struggling for breath even when he just sat up in bed. This morning, Michael was sitting on the edge of the bed at 5:30 - never a good sign when he's up at that time of day. His aide will be with him today. Lovely girl - she's learned to bribe Michael into the shower with pastries from Servatti's. Seriously, she brings cakes and turnovers to him every visit and he LOVES it.

Andrea's been accepted at UC - the regional campus for the first year. She was disappointed at first that main campus wasn't offered, but she'll end up there ultimately. That's one more hurdle crossed! She's going to New Orleans with her dad for a week in early March. I think the time away will be good for her. She's been helping out with Michael so much.

I took a sneak peek at the list of vendors for the upcoming International Quilt Show in early April. WOW! No more fabric or notions shopping for this chick - I'm saving my spending money for that show - it's going to be great!

Love ya,


Becca Quilts said...

Congrats for Andrea. Won't being at the regional campus be cheaper and will allow her to get several of her core classes taken care of? Good luck to her!

Regina said...

Way to go Andrea!!!

I am making my list for the show vendors already - and have been deleting online quilt shop emails as soon as they come, without reading them!!! It's going to be crazy fun!

jillquilts said...

Woo hoo for Andrea!! Going to the smaller campus will be a nice way to ease into the college experience. :)

I am very excited about the April show as well! I need to start making my list of what to look for so I don't forget. Maybe we'll see you there...

Linda and Piwacket said...

I'm happy for Andrea. Especially that she get to travel and spend a week with her dad. Hmmm, Servati's, Michael's aide is definitely a clever girl. So, are we going to the show together? XX OO