Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Phil Did Not See His Shadow!

The silly ground hog in Pennsylvania did not see his shadow, so we'll get an early spring, or so goes the old theory. Spring can't come soon enough! It was so windy last night, the ice from the trees surrounding our property blew off and smacked into the house. Sounded like we were being bombed at 2 am!

I always remember that my grandmother's birthday is on February 2. So, when I was listening to the groundhog broadcast on my car radio, I wished Grandma a happy birthday in heaven. It choked me up and I cried a little - not good to bawl when you're driving down I-75 at 60 mph! LOL. Then, all of a sudden I felt like she was right next to me! Strange eh? The feeling didn't last too long, but I sure was comforted by it.

You all probably think I'm losing it, but lately I've had these feelings that people are hugging me or with me and there's no one else around. I told my mom about these episodes and she feels the same way at times. Her pastor told her once that it happens when people are praying for you - you feel oh so comfortable like when you're wrapped up in a big 'ol comfortable quilt. Good to know prayer works at least on that scale.

Back to reality: I got some more sewing done last night on the wedding quilt. Each night I sew until 1. the bobbin runs out or 2. Michael needs something. It was the latter last night.

With the weather changing for the worse the last few days, Michael has really struggled. I think the good spell he had is over at least for now. Other than that, it's a normal "Michael week" with nurses' aides and nursing visits.

Milly's back to her normal Milly-self: chewing on Sophie, jumping onto the fireplace mantel, sleeping on table runners, etc.... you know .... normal cat behavior. She's forgiven me for squirting medicine down her throat. She sat on my lap last night for an hour. Of course, that had NOTHING to do with the flannel quilt I was wrapped in. LOL

My co-workers are all asking if I'm excited that the Steelers are in the Super Bowl. For some reason I just can't get all worked up about it and may not even watch the game. For one thing, I don't want Andrea filming me whilst I'm yelling at the television and it ends up on You Tube. She had her camera ready during the Division Championship game! No kidding! This is the same kid who filmed her grandmother (my mom) dancing at my cousin's wedding in November. The title of the You Tube post? "Grammy Gone Wild!"

Love ya,

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Becca Quilts said...

Glad to hear Andrea's doing good, if she's trying to catch you on film for youtube :-). Sending you hugs through blogland!