Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Changes

I found my sewing room! The door managed to open without piles of fabric crashing on my head. LOL Seriously, I decided to move some things around and made some changes between the sewing room and my bedroom. The large metal shelf unit is now in my bedroom, so I can go to sleep and wake up - last/first thing I see each day - MY STASH! Loads more space in the sewing room, so I can put up a design wall. Made it much more pleasant to work in there.

What joy! I sewed for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday. Finished the main part of the wedding quilt top - now on to the pieced borders. I also made some progress on the mystery quilt for the church quilt club.

Michael and I had a chance to chat last night whilst dinner was in the oven. He's felt so much worse the last week or so and is blaming the change on the weather. It seems like no matter how the weather changes, it gets the blame for his increasing discomfort. That's what he likes to think, not that it's his deteriorating health. Now, I could spout medical/clinical reasons why his lungs/heart are getting worse. But, he cannot comprehend it. The fatigue, constant sleeping, difficulty breathing even with two oxygen supplies, memory problems, etc. can all be attributed to his pulmonary fibrosis and congestive heart failure.

Today's shower and aide day from Hospice. So a change of bedding and a cleaner "outlook" may be just what the doctor ordered for Michael. I can't say it enough - I'm so very, very grateful for Hospice.

One other person I'm particularly grateful for today and every day is my mother. After I described what happened Friday at work, her response was wonderful. "Don't let it rob you of your joy," she advised. And that has promoted the change in my attitude the last few days. I still have weepy moments, but I'm doing loads better.

All this is changing me for the better - of that I'm certain. I'm not 100 percent sure of all the things I'm to learn through this experience. But, I am learning patience, humility and that God is in charge. AND: Everything will be OK!

Love ya,


Cheryl Willis said...

hang in there, you have a lot on your plate right now. prayers- cw

Anonymous said...

I'm not good at words, but I pray that your family feels loved, safe, and can deal with the bad stuff. And we pray that Michael has an easy journey.

Linda and Piwacket said...

Thinking of you today and every day, sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm still following and praying for your family. Forgive me for being a lurker but I really don't have anything to say. But I can pray. Take care.