Friday, February 4, 2011

The Need To Sew

Why I need to get some serious sewing done this weekend:

-I had the day from h-e-l-l today at work.
-Counseling tonight was tough - no tears though.
-Michael had a rough day.
-It's supposed to snow tomorrow.
-I just bought five more yards of adorable cat fabric at Joann's.
-The wedding quilt needs to be done in less than a month.
-The cat quilt for my church group needs to be done in two weeks.
-My cats think all the fabric stacked in the sewing room is for their benefit only.
-My stress level definitely goes down after an hour or two of sewing.
-All those lovely pieces of fabric don't do anybody any good just stored in the sewing room.
-I have to clear out the sewing room to make room for all the things I'm going to purchase at the International Quilt Show in April.

Today's good news is from two sources:

-Andrea received her acceptance letter from UC-Raymond Walters regional campus today.
-There's a good chance Danny may be headed to Australia this summer for a college co-op program.

So, I celebrate my children's successes. How very blessed I am to have them!

Love ya,


Regina said...

Lots to celebrate even amid the chaos - and I hear you about sewing being the destressing activity!! Here's hoping for a "comfortable" weekend with no new stress, some sewing time, and good kitty lovin! Enjoy!

Cindy said...

Here's to lots of sewing for you tis weekend. My sewing area is torn apart due to a water leak in my apartment so until it dries out I'm knitting. This knitting is something very new to me. Take time to relax and enjoy some time for yourself this weekend.

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the accomplishments for both kids! Hope you've been able to sew all you want today (and that you get to tomorrow as well)!

Linda and Piwacket said...

Love hearing the good news and praying about the not-so-good. I have a table runner to finish this week. I'm telling myself I can't buy anything at the quilt show without cranking some of the UFOs out first. Love ya!!