Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Apologize for not posting a thing for twelve days, but I've done next to nothing in the quilting/sewing department since our company arrived nine days ago. Fortunately, I'll regain my sewing room tomorrow, hence the title of the posting today.

I adore my step-daughter, Leah, and wish she could stay longer. Unfortunately, it's a package deal with her mum, Margaret. Ms. M literally took over my kitchen for days - baking stuff for our get-together on Saturday night and a roast dinner on Sunday. As my husband warned me and we've experienced during past visits, Ms. M takes a lot of delight in not only cooking, but dirtying every freakin' pot, pan, utensil in the kitchen! The resultant mess was left for me to clean up. My oven needs a good cleaning now, but I'll wait until she leaves tomorrow to tackle that chore. Needless to say, our dishwasher's had quite a workout and I should buy stock in SOS wooly pads.

It's been somewhat amusing to hear Michael and Ms. M go at each other at various times throughout the visit. Leah commented that it was just like her childhood - poor kid. No one can doubt why those two were destined for divorce after hearing their "discussions".

Leah and I went to church on Sunday morning. First time in quite some time that I've attended a service. The revelation - I missed it and more than likely will start attending more often. My brother and his family are quite active in the church, so I'll have company most Sundays. During our drive home from church, Leah confided in me that she is seriously thinking about leaving her spouse. No tears on that one, folks. The man is only slightly less of a loser than my first husband. I bought a study Bible for Leah yesterday since she told me she lost her Bible during their trip to Florida last month.

Ok, I did get one project done - a table runner that needs to go to England with Leah as a Christmas pressie for another family member.

One day this week the girls went to Keepsakes, a cross stitch store in Sharonville. I haven't picked up a cross stitch project in ages, but I purchased the 2008 Prairie Schooler Santa - I've made these little Santas every year since they started, I think 1984. So when I don't have any hand sewing to do whilst watching television - I'll pick up a cross stitch project. I've missed it. Lord only knows I have nearly as many unfinished cross stitch items and patterns as I do quilting stuff. Possibly more. Yes, I know I'm hopeless.

Looking forward to re-joining the land of the quilters tomorrow.


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Linda S. said...

Cathy, I'm a cross-stitcher, too and have the same problem as you. I have a quilting UFO list and a cross-stitch one. My goal for cross-stitch is to finish them all before my eyes give out! Keepsakes is a great store and the owner is a sweetie.