Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mid-Week Update

First off, I apologize for not posting much lately. The primary reason for this is that I have not been sewing much at all except for an hour on Sunday. I mean, who the heck wants to read a quilting blog when there's little to no quilting to report.

The raffle tickets are still being sold for the United Way quilt. The deadline's tomorrow and I'm quite anxious to find out the number of tickets we've sold. I know it's not the biggest seller - a week's stay in Daytona Beach is the top seller. Heck, I even bought $5 in tickets for that one!

Jill and I have our spots reserved for the guild's retreat next month. Three days to do nothing but sew, gab and eat. Sheer heaven!

Michael and I purchased a membership at our local community center to use their exercise facilities and swimming pool/spa. Since we bought the membership last Thursday, we've been there three times - the latest being last night. Andrea's now old enough that she can use the exercise equipment so she and I walked on the treadmills side-by-side last night. Hoping her presence will keep me motivated to keep going. Michael's enjoying the swimming, but he's not pushing too hard - it puffs him out and he has to stop mid pool at times.

I decided to return to Weight Watchers, only this time attend the meetings here at the office. That way, I will not feel any guilt for wanting to sleep in on Saturday mornings or skipping because of quilt classes, etc. I'm here, there is no excuse. Today's weigh in for the first time and I'm mortified. Trying to tell myself it'll be OK - it's another starting point, it is what it is.

Last night after our trip to the community center, Michael and Andrea wanted to go to Skyline Chili for dinner. OMG! I adore their five-ways, but I KNOW it's probably a horrendous number of points on WW. I relented to the family outing, but I stuck to my will and had a chicken salad instead of my usual. You know what? It was tasty and satisfied. It felt good!

Five more days and our company from England will be here - Michael's ex-wife (Margaret) and his oldest daughter (Leah). Folks who know about this think it's really strange that I permit Margaret to visit us - this will be her 4th trip here. She and I get along OK - we have much in common beyond Michael (obviously) and she's usually half a world away, so I can take it for ten days. Their marriage was dead long before I arrived on the scene and they parted as friends. Most ex-spouses, I suppose, don't feel that way. I know there is no way in hell I would want my ex-husband to spend time with us. It will be Leah's first visit with us - and I know she's tickled pink about seeing her dad and having some time to herself. She mentioned to Michael on the phone last week that it will be the first time in almost twenty years that she has gone on holiday by herself and not be responsible for her husband or kids.

My hope is to get some work done on the Stash Pot Pie assignment tonight. Class is on Saturday and I'd hate to not have it completed by then. I've met all the other deadlines. Meeting Jill at IHOP prior to class and keeping my fingers crossed their pumpkin pancakes are on the menu. Tis yummy!


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jillquilts said...

I CAN NOT wait until retreat! I CAN NOT wait until going to Jen's next week! I CAN NOT wait until IHOP on Saturday! Jen swears that they have the pumpkin pancakes now, but they are still not up on the website. We will just have to wait until Saturday to find out!