Saturday, August 22, 2009

THE Cardinal Sin

Last night I showed to Michael a photo of a quilt in the latest Fons & Porter magazine . "Wouldn't that be nice?" I asked.

"Honestly, what do we NEED another quilt for?" he smirked.

OK, drive a stake through my heart, boil me in oil, tar and feather me, drop a toaster in the bathwater, etc, but DON'T question the NEED for a beautiful quilt. NEED has NOTHING to do with it. I think both Michael and Andrea still don't see my activities in the sewing room as a necessary creative outlet.



Despite the sun not being out (It's close to 8 am),it's a gorgeous cool morning in southwestern Ohio. I turned the AC off last night and opened the windows. Slept better than I have in weeks! I'm enjoying my coffee, going to read a bit and then tackle the housecleaning chores before going to the hairdresser's.

Two more rows to sew and I'll have my boss' retirement quilt all pieced. I'd have it done already, but I was messing around with some scrappy blocks (a la Bonnie Hunter) yesterday.

Have a great weekend!


Jen said...

Well, when they don't want your quilts, I'll take them. I can send you some of mine in trade. =)

Michele said...

Just call it art therapy ;^)