Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Recent Projects

Really pleased with the production in the sewing room as of late. I've wrapped up piecing on a couple of projects and finished an assignment for a class at Best Friends.

Those of you who were at the retreat in East Palestine, Ohio (St Jude's fund raiser) may have seen me working on the blocks for this quilt. The blocks were all finished at the retreat and have been just sitting in my sewing room until this past Sunday when I finally got them all pieced together. This is for Andrea - she selected the pattern and the colours. I tried to convince her that a one inch red border with a big (5 inch) black border would really look sharp, but she was not pleased with that idea. She wants NO border.

My boss is retiring in March, but I wanted to get his retirement/signature quilt done asap since things are so unsettled at our office. (He may just say, "Enough of this!" and leave early.) This pattern is from the newest Nickel quilts book. After Michael took the photo, I realized one of the autograph blocks was sewn into the quilt incorrectly. I've since fixed that.

What I need now are ideas for the borders. I have a big piece of blue Lakeside fabric from Thimbleberries for the wide border. Would a skinny dark red border service well? There aren't too many red shades in the pieces.

My goal is to have this quilted and ready by mid September. That way I will be ready just in case!

This quilt was a Stash Pot Pie project. Very, very pleased with the colours on this one and I took a lot of care with the quilting ( heart-shaped leaves and swirls free-form) I like the assignments we have for Stash Pot Pie and one of my "goals" is to have the monthly project completely done for Show Off and Tell each meeting. That way, I don't add to my flimsie population. This month we're supposed to be working on an apron. Perhaps get that started this coming weekend.

So, what's going on now? I'm working on Bonnie Hunter stars - 17 done and half-way done with the 13 remaining stars for a lap quilt. I'm collecting a variety of waste triangles for some future project.



Moneik said...

The quilt from retreat looks awesome. I'm sure Andrea loves it.

Jen said...

That black and white quilt is just striking! What do you think you'll quilt it with? I'm sure a colored thread to make it pop is out of the question for her though. I think a narrow red and then a larger blue border would be awesome on the scrappy quilt.

How's Michael today?

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Those are all great quilts! The b/w one is awesome. Nice!