Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How Many Days Until Spring?

Greetings from the frozen tundra along the Ohio River! Yet another eight inches of snow fell yesterday-third snowstorm in ten days. The snowplows and salt trucks are certainly getting a workout this month - 22 inches of snow thus far in February with more to come.

Andrea and I were scheduled to have another of our "girlie" days yesterday, but that was postponed due to weather. Our nails and luncheon out will wait for another warmer day.

Tattoo Boy totalled his car on Friday driving to work. It wasn't weather related, just chalk it up to not paying attention and he ran into the back end of the car in front of him. Thank God TB and his friend Josh were not hurt, although Josh's face got cut up by the airbag. On Saturday morning, TB phoned me and asked me to take $50 and the car title to the towing company by 1 pm so they wouldn't charge him $200 impoundment fees. (TB had to work until 4 that afternoon.) I agreed, but secretly prayed I wouldn't see the car. I wasn't so lucky. Tons of unpleasant memories came flooding back to me as TB's car looked eerily like my Daddy's wrecked car so many years ago. Got back into my car and sobbed - Michael thought I was a bit of a loon. "It's only a car, sweetie," he said. He understood though. My prayer to not see the car didn't hold up, but the bigger prayer of having my son safe and unharmed was answered in a big way. We very easily could have been visiting him in a hospital or worse. Thank you, Lord.

For much of the day Saturday, I concentrated a bit more on my driving. Did a lot of that between the feed store, WalMart, Joann Fabrics, Krogers and the auto parts place to get the bulb for my burned out headlight.

Once Andrea headed out to the mall with some friends, I worked on her fat quarter bag. She loves it and her two best friends want a bag now too!

Girlie day postponed, I got the squares to one quilt all pieced and nearly finished all the layer cake Civil War fabric squares done as well. Starting tonight I must get the top laundered and marked for my machine quilting class on Saturday.

It may snow again on Saturday..........but I'd better be prepared........



Cindy said...

Well someone was sure watching over TB and his car. I'm glad they were ok.'
I know the feeling I've had enough snow here to last me for years. I want to see sun, feel warm air on my face and see green. I don't think I'm asking too much, am I???

Linda and Piwacket said...

Oh wow! I'm glad that Danny is okay. I'm so glad that you and Andrea are committed to making time to spend together.